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I love this time of the year when we get to do Favorites Week and soon we will start the Fit Capsule!  I had to think long and hard about what pattern I could pick.  I don’t really have a true favorite but I do have one that I wear almost every day.  The No Show Thong!

It is invisible under my athletic leggings ( which I wear everyday), my office slacks (which I wear when I need to be professional) and any slim-cut article of clothing I might wear.  I needed a fresh new batch so I whipped up 5 pair in about 45 minutes from cut to final stitch.  

My favorite part of these is that they have a total of 4 seams and they are so quick! 

I used Greenstyle’s Agility Fabric for the all of these except for the black Laser Cut Tricot Mesh pair shown below!  They turned out so cool!    

I am really happy with the fit and feel of all of these!  The Agility is so soft, comfortable, and cool and the laser cut is... well... hands down the most breathable pair I own.

I don’t want to forget to remind you that Mist fabric is the ultimate fabric for these but if you already have a drawer full of mist No Shows (like I do) you might love these new colorful fabrics too!  

The pattern is on sale for 24 hours only and it is a whopping 40% off!!!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pick too...you don’t want to miss it! 

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