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Happy Favorites Week! I am Alex Resch, one of the moderators for Greenstyle's Facebook group. Choosing a favorite Greenstyle pattern is tough. It’s like asking me to choose my favorite style of dance. It kind of depends on my mood! If I’m feeling sassy, I’m ready for a tap or jazz routine. If I’m feeling emotional or dramatic I would choose contemporary. So, which GS pattern am I almost always in the mood for? The answer is the Xpress Tank!

The Xpress Tank was actually the second GS pattern I purchased, and over the years, I’ve made many Xpress Tanks to fit my every mood. When I purchased the Xpress tank, I was a beginner activewear sewist. I love the Xpress tank because, even as a beginner, I easily got a good fit. The Xpress Tank is also, hands down, the fastest sew ever. It has exactly TWO seams and only 1 pattern piece. I learned a lot about fitting myself using the Xpress tank. I learned that I almost always need to take away length from the straps of a tank top to accommodate my petite frame. Since it’s only 1 pattern piece, it was also easy for me to learn how to grade as a beginner. It also takes less than 1 yard of fabric which I love because I can usually get a pair of underwear from the scraps!

I also love the many options this simple tank has to offer. There are 3 different backs to choose from (pointed, rounded, and tie back) and 2 necklines (high or low). The Xpress Tank also works well in many fabric bases as long as the base is light (approximately less than 12 oz or less than 200 gsm) with good drape. My favorite fabrics to use for the XPress tank are rayon spandex (shown here), lycra jersey knits, tactel, ITY, and bamboo. I personally like using fabrics with some natural fibers (like rayon or bamboo) because these fibers allow the hem to stay in place after pressing. I also got really comfortable hemming stretchy fabric after making so many Xpress tanks! The tank is finished with one (or two) hem steps so you don’t have to worry about bands or bindings.

Lastly, the Xpress Tank pairs awesome with some of my other favorite GS patterns like the Power Sports Bra (shown here hacked with Melanie’s strappy back hack) and Open Back Pullover. It’s truly a versatile and flattering tank that is fast and fun to sew. If you haven’t tried the Xpress tank I highly recommend it! If you are a new activewear sewist, you will make something super cute and comfortable with little effort (and with little fabric!) and if you are a seasoned sewist, you will love the instant gratification that sewing up an Xpress tank will bring!

The Xpress tank is on sale for 40% off for today only!! You can buy it here

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