Pockets In Motion - Cargo and Zipped Pockets for Motion Shorts

Pockets In Motion - Cargo and Zipped Pockets for Motion Shorts

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Cargo and Zipped Pockets for Motion Shorts - by Wendy Bennett

The man I love LOVES pockets – the more the merrier, so I’ve added pockets to his motion shorts to keep him happy. He also likes his pockets to be secure enough for his phone, car keys, etc. so there are Velcro flaps and zippers to keep everything where it belongs.

Cutting Pieces:

  • On main pocket and pocket lining cut out ½” (W) x 4” (H) from lower corner
This allows the main pockets to retain their depth and avoid being sewn down with the added pockets


    Cargo Pockets

    • Cut 4 cargo flaps (and interfacing if desired)
    • Cut 2 cargo pockets


    Zipped Pockets

    • Cut 2 lower pockets
    • Cut 2 upper pockets
    • Cut 4 1” (w) x 2” (h) zipper stops/tabs


    Assemble pockets:

    Cargo pockets

    • Interface pocket flaps, sew right sides together leaving the long edge open. Trim, turn, press, and topstitch if desired Optional serge top edge of flap

    Fold cargo pocket as desired: box pleat, inverted pleat, or single fold. Use CENTER and FOLD lines as guides 



    • . Baste folds in place, clean finish top edge, and interface top 1” of pocket. I leave 3/8” from each edge


    • Hem top of pocket. Fold remaining edges under 3/8”


    Zipper Pockets

    • Interface top edge of lower pocket and lower edge of top pocket leaving a 3/8” gap from side of pocket

    Fold zipper stops/tabs in half, right sides together, to create a clean finish at the zipper ends.

    • Place zipper stop/tab on the top edge of the zipper and baste in place

    • Place the folded edge of the zipper stop/tab on bottom edge of the zipper 5 5/8” from the upper zipper stop/tab Optional (and recommended) Zigzag across zipper and cut off excess zipper for easier topstitching)


    • Sew zipper w/ zipper stop/tabs to the lower pocket and edgestitch

    • Sew zipper w/ zipper stops/tabs to the upper pocket and edgestitch

    • Fold and press 3/8” seam around all sides of the pocket. The zipper stops/tabs are bulkier than the rest of the pocket and may require extra pins of wonder tape to keep them in place.
    • NOTE: I like to have both pockets opening from the front so pay attention to zipper placement


    Step 4 (from Motion Shorts instructions)

    Neaten the cut out on pocket liner

    Step 5 Pocket

    Neaten the cut out on main pocket

    Step 6

    Stitch along finished edge INCLUDING the cut outs. BASTE along the side seam making sure the pocket stays free


    After Step 16 add pockets to shorts

    For pocket placement a) mark 2” from lower edge of the shorts (hem allowance) and b) lowest edge of the main pocket HINT: pin main pocket out of the way when attaching the pockets

    Center pockets on shorts using the side seams as a guide. Center is ½” towards the front. This puts the pockets equal distance from the side seam

    Sew Pockets in place. Edgestitch and topstitch if desired


    For cargo flap: sew flap on upside down ½” above the top of pocket using a narrow seam allowance. Fold down and press, then top stitch enclosing raw edges. Optional: add Velcro

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