Centerfield Raglan x Tie Back Tank Mashup

Centerfield Raglan x Tie Back Tank Mashup

Posted by Leah Winkelmann on

I came across a Lulu raglan tee with a tie back that I loved, and I realized I had all the elements necessary to recreate it within my Greenstyle library of patterns!

Some hacks require altering multiple pieces of the pattern.  This mashup only requires modifying the back bodice to recreate the Lulu top!  The Centerfield Raglan pattern and the Tie Back Tank pattern come together perfectly to make this mashup a reality.

I sized up the Centerfield one size for a more relaxed fit.  If you want an even more-relaxed/ boxy fit, you could size up one more.  I used my measured size for the Tie Back Tank.

      Front Bodice and Sleeves

Cut front and sleeves of Centerfield Raglan.  For the side seam of the front, cut a straight line from the bottom of the armscye to the bottom of the bodice.  Removing the curve from the waist will allow the front bodice to fit with the back of the tank bodice.  Use the straight line option of the bodice.



Cut the lower neckline of the Centerfield*

Cut the neckband from the Centerfield pattern.**

 * The Lulu inspo top has a more scooped neckline.  I ended up lowering the neckline an extra ¾” after I sewed the pieces together and did a fit check.  I extended the lower cut line out to the sleeves, gradually brining it back to the original pattern line. 

 **If you alter the neckline, wait until after the bodices and sleeves are assembled to measure the neckline.  Your neckband will be 85-90% of the shirt opening, depending on the recovery of your fabric.

     Back Bodice

For the back of the top, we will start with Tie Back Tank back.  Use the back edge of the sleeve from the raglan to cut the correct line for the upper back of the bodice.  You will need two mirrored images of the back bodice.

Align the bottom of the back of the sleeve’s armscye to the bottom of the bodice armscye.  The top of the sleeve will meet up at the neckline the same distance as the neckline of the raglan.

For example, the neckline of the back bodice of the raglan is 4 ½” for the size I made.  I put the top of the sleeve 2 ¼” from the center of the tank neckline.

Cut along the sleeve line of the raglan, then follow the lines of the tank for the remainder of the back piece.


  1. Press and topstitch the straight center edge of the back pieces, as directed in the Tie Back Tank instructions.
  2. Overlap the two back pieces, aligning them at the center mark. Use multiple pins to hold in place.                                  
  3. Sew the front, back, and sleeves together as instructed in the Centerfield.
  4. Sew the front and back pieces together along the side seam.
  5. Fold the neckband in half, RST, and sew. Mark the neckband into quarters.
  6. Treating the back two pieces as one, quarter the neckline. Sew the neckband to the neckline.                                           
  7. Top stitch the neckline, arms, and bottom in the desired method.
  8. Tadaaaa! You’re done!                                                             

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  • I love this! I’m so into intimidated when it comes to mashing patterns and doing hacks. I don’t know enough about drafting to figure it out. You did a good job!

    Kat Walker on

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