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The Open Back Top/Pullover is one of my favorite patterns- it has options for a tank or a sleeved view, and the back options are perfect for cooling off before and after a workout (or just looking like you just worked out, even if you've spent your whole day chasing after kiddos/running errands.

As part of the Open Back Top SewAlong, I'm sharing a hack with you today to make it even more versatile- and turn it into a DRESS!

If you're wondering about fabric and supplies for this pattern, you can check out the supplies post on my blog, Sewing with Sarah, HERE

This is an easy one, so let's get started!

You'll need:

  1. Open Back Top pattern, front and back pieces with your choice of back option (racerback, low, or high scoop). Get 25% off through 7/28/17 by joining the EVENT for the code!
  2. Green Tee pattern (FREE if you grab the code from the Facebook Group!)
  3. Tracing paper and pen (I like to use medical exam paper)

Step 1:

Take your open back top back piece, and lay it down on your table. Align it with the Green tee at the underarm and fold. Here, I've traced the Green Tee in green (creative, I know), the Open back top in pink and the open back dress hack in purple. 

Step 2: Extend the hem to accommodate your height, following the curve of the Green Tee along the side seam, angling it out slightly. I added 11.25", but I'm only 5'2" tall- you will probably need to add more unless you're a shorty like me! Don't forget the hem allowance!

You can adjust the width during construction, so err on the side of making it too big/wide, since you can always cut it down to fit your body shape later. You can see that my dress ended up being nipped in at the waist more than the Green Tee- this is the result of fitting it to my body during construction.

Step 3:

Grab your front pieces, and do the same, making sure the side seams end up the same length! Your upper back, sleeves (if using), and neckband or arm binding pieces will stay the same!

Step 4: Construct your dress according to the pattern instructions, but baste your side seams  to check fit and adjust as necessary before sewing with a stretch stitch or serger. 

Thats it! You're all done- go hang out in your cool new dress!

You can join the SewAlong event HERE- I'll be doing a LIVE feed today on 7/27/17 at 6PM PDT sewing the top from start to finish!

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