Greenstyle Creations No Show Thong

Greenstyle Creations No Show Thong

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Greenstyle Creations has just released the fun and functional No Show Thong pattern!  

You can purchase the pattern hereon sale for $6.50 until midnight, Friday, July 28th. Then it will return to the normal price of $8.  

But WAIT... Don't leave just yet!! If you are saying to yourself (or aloud, that's ok!) "No way, I don't wear THOSE kind of undies", please just take a minute and read some of the quotes from our lovely testers.  We purposefully did not choose only thong pros as testers. (Is there such a thing as a thong pro?? Well, there is now--aka our testers!)  We wanted to get a wide variety of ladies, including those who were quite weary of the dreaded thong.  

Below, is what some of them had to say: 

Wow, huh!?  I am so excited to say that we had several converts over the course of just a few days of sewing up and wearing these phenomenal no show thongs!  I really do encourage you to give them a try!  

And for those who are no stranger to the thong, these will save you a pretty penny.  Prior to making several Greenstyle Creations No Show Thongs during testing, I had in my arsenal Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret, and Under Armour no show thongs.  These range from $10 - 15 per pair!!  And this pattern requires minimal fabric and hardly any time at all!  You need them under your workout tights, workout shorts, your pencil skirts, your pants, and dresses. Nix those undie lines for good and be comfortable all day long!

Here's the nitty gritty of the pattern: 

Sizes Included:  XS - 3XL 
Skill Level: Beginner
Pattern Features: PDF Instant Download, Layered Sizes, No Trim Pages, A4 and Large Format available.
~~So Easy
~~So Comfortable
~~So Invisible under your clothes
~~So FAST (like 15 minutes print to finish fast)
These will quickly become your favorite undies in your dresser.  You will need light weight stretch fabrics that don't roll when stretched.  One pair of No Show's take no more than 11" x 32" of fabric! Look for nylon spandex, supplex, circular knits, etc with at least 75% stretch.  I am going to emphasize the DON'T ROLL WHEN STRETCHED part.  Very important.  
For more details and reviews of the No Show Thong, I have linked some blog posts from our testers. 

Sewing with Sarah

Sew Syn Sewn


Below are a few tester pics of the No Show Thong.   For more pictures (many more pictures, and modeled), head on over to the the Greenstyle Facebook Group No Show Thong Album

Add a wide lace to the top.


Narrower lace.


The tester increased the rise on these.


You can never have enough basics!


Perfect scrap buster of your favorite prints!


Pair it with the Greenstyle Creations Norah Nightgown!


Perfect with workout shorties.


No lines!! Perfection!




So pretty!


Who doesn't need a thong in this print?.... seriously!


A week's worth!


If you have any questions regarding fabric, construction, fit, etc. visit the Greenstyle Creations Facebook Group and ask away!  The group is so helpful. Happy Sewing!! 


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