Super G Stride Mash

Super G Stride Mash

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Guest Blogger: Leah Kimberly


Hi folks. So, if you’ve been around Greenstyle Creations for a little while, your first true love legging may have been the Stride Tights. Then Angelyn made us cheat on our love, when she released the Super G’s. At least, that’s how it happened with me. Then one day…I had an idea. What if I did a little this, and a little that, and combined the two patterns into one?! Below, I’ve outlined the steps I take to mash the Stride booty stripe and Super G base.  

It’s a simple modification to make, it just requires a little tracing and taping. You’ll only be modifying the side panel and back pieces of the Super G. The front piece will remain as drafted.
First, trace your Super G [BACK] pattern piece onto a new piece of paper. Cut it out and you now have your new “base” pattern to modify. This keeps your regular copy intact and ready for future use.

Take your side panel and back piece from the Super G pattern, overlap the appropriate 3/8” seam allowance, and throw a small piece of tape on it to hold together.

Now, grab the curved Stride side insert and lay it over top of the taped together back/side Super G. The patterns are slightly different, or it could just be that my tweaks are different (entirely possible) so it’s not an EXACT match, but it is certainly close enough to gauge/eyeball.  Just make sure you match up the tops as much as possible. 

Grab a marking tool and trace the bottom of the Stride insert, starting from the inseam, working down toward the outseam (where the side panel meets). I stop the curve when I reach the point where the “seam allowances” meet on the Super G.
Separate the side insert and back panel Super G pieces. Cut the line you just made. You should now have 3 pieces in front of you that look like this.

Now tape the top portion of the back piece, to the side insert, again overlapping the 3/8” seam allowance.  Put this on top of another piece of paper, so you can trace a new side insert. When you get to the curved piece, you’ll add 3/8” SA. Do not add it the original side insert—just when you get to the point where the two piece join.  

You’ll do the same for the cut back piece, too. Place it on top of another piece of paper, tracing exact until you get to the part you cut for the curve. Add 3/8” SA to the top. 

You’re ready now to assemble your Super G Strides! Sew/serge the curved side insert to corresponding back pieces, as you do for the Strides. Then sew/serge the front piece to the other side of the insert. Once you have sewn together both front-side-back pieces, place them RST and finish the construction per the Super G instructions. You’ll sew/serge the inseams, then finish off with the gusset. 

I hope you enjoy this modification and tutorial!

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