Racerback Hack for the Power Sports Bra

Racerback Hack for the Power Sports Bra

Posted by Bianca Weber on

Hey y’all! I’m Bianca, and I’m super happy to share my modified Racerback Hack for the Power Sports Bra today.

The Power Sports Bra really has become my favourite pattern from Greenstyle Creations. Not just because it’s a real scrap buster and so easy to sew. The main reason is that you can modify and hack it in so many ways! There are no limits to your creativity. I have so many of them in my wardrobe, and they’re all different :-) In this blog post, I’m sharing with you how to hack the PSB with a fancy racerback.

First of all, you need the PSB pattern printed with the racerback option and the backpiece of the strappy cross back version (except for the straps, you won’t need them).

You will cut the front pieces, the backpiece of strappy cross back, and the band according to the original pattern. No changes are necessary here.

And here is how I adjusted the pattern piece of the racerback. Measure 4.2“ from the top (more or less, depending on the height you want to have for the band across the back). From there measure 1“ to the left. Add 1“ allowance to fold up the back piece.

Also you want to cut a band for the back. Just cut out a band, 6“ wide and 20“ long (more if you use bigger sizes, I needed 14“ for size 28C), you will adjust the length and cut off later on. The band is sewn right sides together along the long edge.


Getting started with sewing up the bra!

Prepare the front pieces as stated in the instructions of PSB.

1) For the racerback pin the outer layer and the lining right sides together and sew along the three edges.

2) Flip the right sides out and topstitch.

3) Fold up 1“ from the bottom of the racerback and stitch along the edge.

You should have these pieces right now:

4) Sew the straps of the racerback to the front piece (see PSB instructions) and close seams, leave 1“ open each side to add the back pieces later on

5) Pull the band trough the racerback.

6) Baste the band of the racerback and the lower back piece to the front piece right sides together as shown in the picture. Repeat for the other side. Before you finally close the seams try on and adjust length of the racerback band!

7) Attach the lower back piece of the lining to the front piece of the lining. Then sew the outer and inner lower back piece right sides together. Also close all the side seams now.

This is what your back should look like now. The only step left is to add the band. This is done as described in the PSB instructions :-)

I'm so excited to see how you all like this hack, happy sewing!


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  • Is there a video of step 6 and 7 – stuck?

    Sandra on

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