New Release!  Super G Tights

New Release! Super G Tights

Posted by Joni Pearce on

 Greenstyle Creations has JUST released the Super G Tights!  

The Super Gs are comfort, performance, style, and function all wrapped up in one PERFECT legging pattern.  From the innovative side pocket to the comfortable center gusset and compression fit, you have found your new favorite leggings pattern. 

Sizes Included:  XXS - 3XL 
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Pattern Features: PDF Instant Download, Layered Sizes, No Trim Pages, A4, and Large Format available for download.
Options: Mid and high rise, Side pockets (with the ingenious construction that Greenstyle Designer, Angelyn Bennett, is known for), or you can choose to have no pockets and no side seam, Center gusset that reaches down the inner thigh for added comfort, and 4 different inseam options. 
Fabric Requirement: You will need 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 yards of performance knit with at least 75% stretch.  
Zenith and Quasar is the sponsor of the Super G Pattern and they carry supplex and athletic brushed poly that are perfect for these leggings! 
I could go on and on about my love for the Super Gs, how they are so comfortable, functional and look amazing..... but I will let some of the testers  share their experiences.

"They stay up, even with my heavy phone in my pocket weighing them down! lol" 

"They fit amazing... and then they went and added POCKETS!! That's it! Take my money!"

"Ingenious pocket design"

"Super G - comfort PLUS! You can wear these on a long (or short) run and forget that you are wearing anything! For a crossfit workout, these tights MOVE with you - not against you! Super G is one of the best tights I've ever experienced (and yes, I've tried a LOT)!!"

"I love how easily the pockets come together - no fuss construction method. With the side pocket pieces and gusset, it's easy to add pops of color without having to modify pattern pieces to color block."

"I love how the contoured waistband fits like a glove: all the right compression with none of the uncomfortable squeeze. The perfect balance of form and function."

"lulu who?! I can make that!"

"Sleek and smoothing in all sizes. The unique gusset aims at providing super comfort and premier style."

"Whilst I appreciate the functionality of a gusset I don’t really like the look of the regular diamond shaped ones. But the ingenious design of The Super G’s means that the gusset is disguised as a style line and is actually a feature of your tights."

"The waistband stays UP! For long runs or a million burpees. Plus, the pockets are perfect for stashing a phone or a granola bar. "

"Yoga, jogging, riding bikes or exercising with a ball
Big, tall, short, small Super G’s design will fit us all!!!"

"Omg!! I can’t take these off they feel so good!! I wore a pair yesterday to yoga and a pair today on my bike ride in the rain. Most comfortable workout pants I’ve ever worn!!"

"I love the compression fit of the SuperGs. I also love the options- high or mid-rise, pockets or no side seam."


View A - Omits the pocket and side seam for simple, quick construction.  View A is perfect to use when you have a fun or gorgeous print you don't want broken up.

View B - Perfect for color blocking and using some athletic power mesh!  The construction of the pockets is so cool and fun!  And a bonus - the pockets are big enough for the larger smart phones! 


View A

Kayliegh Landon, View A, Size XL, performance knit from Joanns


Rachel Bayne, View A, Size Large, yoga/swim fabric


Gabz Jefferson, View A, Size S, nylon spandex



Rebecca Brusch, View A, Size XS, nylon spandex.... because who doesn't need pink and white polka dot running tights?? So fun! 



Susi Schuegraf, View A, Size M, spandex


Mary Cheddie, View A, Size Medium, 16 oz. nylon spandex


Christa Foisy, View A, Size XL


Emily Steiger, View A, size XL, performance spandex


Lynsi Puetz, View A, Size Large, Swim Knit


Toni Hill, View A, XXS, performance knit


Carolyn McGinnis, View A, Size M, performance fabric



Brenda Schultz, View A, Size 3XL, Athletic Brushed Poly


View B

Sarah Connell , View B, Size XXS, Zenith and Quasar Heavy Supplex. 


Angie Bennett, View B, Size Small, Zenith and Quasar Heavy Supplex


Aretha Clark , View B, Size XXL, Knitpop Yoga Knit


Sarah Boses, View B, Size M, supplex from Fabric Mart


Lacie Schwend, View B, Size Large, performance fabric


Devon Christian View B, Size 2XL , nylon spandex


Amy Christensen, View B, Size medium, nylon spandex


Vanessa Radley, View B, Sixe XXsmall, Zenith and Quasar Supplex


Jessica Rabbit, View B, Size XL


May Lane, View B, Size 3XL, swim knit


Karen Mathews, View B, Size XS, Supplex


Jessica Cotriss, View B, Size 2XL, Zenith and Quasar Heavy Supplex


Jolene Barry, View B, Size Small, Fleece Backed Performance Tactel


Jennifer Ambrose, View B, Size Small,  premium athletic fabric from Surge



Genesis Bewley, View B, size XXL, Zenith and Quasar Athletic Brushed Poly



Whitney Decker, View B, Size XL, Supplex and Camo power mesh from Phee Fabric. 


Eva Buschel, View B, size M, performance fabric


Kara Mooney, View B, Size XXS, Performance Nylon Spandex


Kimberly Dehuff, size XS, View B, Zenith and Quasar Heavy Supplex



Lisa Thrower, View B, size Large, Poly Spandex


Ashley Kyser, View B, Size Medium, Heavy Supplex from Zenith and Quasar.... showing us just how awesome the pockets are;)


Joni Pearce, View B, Size Small, Zenith and Quasar heavy supplex with black mesh side insert. 


Sharon Aguilar, View B, Size XS, Supplex


Shelby Greene, View B, Size Small, swim knit

Comparison of Mid-Rise and High Rise Options

The image on the left is size small, mid-rise.  The image on the right is size medium, high rise.  **Note - the stretchier your fabric is (especially vertical) the higher the rise will seem. 



 I'm going to end with my favorite pictures from the testing!  It pretty much encompasses how I feel about testing and our amazing team. 

Photos and sewing by Courtney Wandell (middle) and Amanda Savoie (far right) So amazing! 

These photos remind of this quote:

And speaking of this quote.... I want to thank the Super G Greenstyle Testing group!  We had an amazing group of women! The testing process takes time, patience, openness, dedication, and of course fabric:)  We appreciate all of the input that is given to help perfect a pattern.  

Zenith and Quasar, the sponsor of the Super Gs, is having a limited time offer of 1.5 yard cuts of heavy supplex.  This yardage is perfect for every size of the Super Gs and supplex is my go to athletic fabric.  It has the soft, matte feeling of cotton, but the wicking ability and stretch/recovery of top of the line athletic fabric.  It's amazing stuff!!

Grab the Super G pattern and some Zenith and Quasar Supplex and then make sure to post your Super Gs in the Greenstyle Creations Facebook group! The Greenstyle Facebook group is a great group to ask any and all questions, to find endless inspiration, and to share your passion of sewing! 

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  • Are these held up by an elastic band or by a draw string?

    Steve Bessen on
  • Just making up my first pair of Super G’s – and I’ve added 1 1/2” to each seam because my measurements are bigger than 3XL (altho here in Australia I usually buy between 2XL and 3XL in most clothing – I think I’m a US 16-18 according to a pair of Running Bare leggings I bought). My issue is the gusset is sitting weird – not sure how I should have enlarged it to accommodate the extra width I added in. Kind regards, Mandy

    Amanda on

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