New Pattern Release: Sav's Sweatshirt

New Pattern Release: Sav's Sweatshirt

Posted by Melanie Burns on

Hey all you Greenies, it's time for our latest pattern release, and this one is coming from the youngest designer at GS, Savannah Bennett! This is her third Greenstyle pattern and as usual, it's so on trend! Preseting: Sav's Sweatshirt.

Sav's Sweatshirt is perfectly oversized without being sloppy. This sweatshirt features a drop sleeve, a wide rib neckband, rib cuffs and hem band, and two lengths- cropped and full length. The cropped length hits right at the top of the high hip, so it's perfect for pairing with those high waisted bottoms! 

This pattern is designed for low or non stretch fabrics like sweatshirt knit, French Terry, Ponte, or double knit for the main, and the sleeve cuffs, neckband, and hem band are designed for rib knit, however, you can also use fabric with good stretch and recovery like athletic or cotton lycra for them if you choose. This pattern takes anywhere from 2 to 2 1/3 yards of fabric for the main depending on size made, and about 1/2 yard for cuffs, neckband, and hem band. This pattern also follows our current B-M size chart. Please choose your size based on your measurements and not your RTW size. 

Our testers did an amazing job of showing all the different ways to style Sav's Sweatshirt, so check them out here!

 Afton Ditingo: 

Stats/Mods: Size F bust graded to G waist and hips, added 1/2" to bodice for height and 1.5" to sleeves.

Waffle Knit from Fabmere Fabrics.

Oakley knit and ribbing from So Sew English.


Ang Hal: 

Stats/Mods: Size C, no mods.

Hacci knit from Made of Love.

Sweater Knit from fabric stash.


Blair Reber:

Stats/Mods: Size F, no mods.

Sweatshirt knit and rib from Made Whimsy fabrics.


Caitlin MK:

Stats/Mods: Size F.

Dri Release from Sew Dynamic Fabrics.

French Terry from Boho fabrics, ribbing from Bow Button fabrics.


Courtney Abbey:

Stats/Mods: Size J

Heathered French Terry from L'Oiseau fabric.


Cynthia Hendrickson:

Stats/Mods: Size E, no mods.

Quilted knit from Joann, rib knit from stash.


Danielle Heuseveldt:

Stats/Mods: Size F.

French Terry euro knit and ribbing from Made Whimsy.

Plush plus from Joann and micro rib from Cali fabrics.

Modal knit and athletic rib from Joann.


Danielle Rose:

Stats/mods: Size F, added 1" length to bodice and sleeves.

White heavy cotton French Terry from So Sew English, with  rib knit from Joann.


Djem Ferkenstad:

Stats/Mods: Size E

Ribbed Knit from Elevated Fashion Fabric.


Elda Castillo:

Stats/Mods: Size H no mods.

Hacci from So Sew English.

Right side loop French Terry from So Sew English.


Elise Rowe:

Stats/Mods: Size B

French Terry with rib cuffs and bands.

Fabric from stash.


Emily Cummings:

Stats/Mods: Size I, shortened sleeves 1.5".

Luxe fleece with cotton lycra bands and cuffs from Joann.


Eva Buchel:

Stats/Mods: Size F, no mods.

Baby French Terry from Walmart with cotton lycra cuffs and bands from stash.

Waffle sweater knit from Walmart.


Florida Nordstrom:

Stats/Mods: Size D

Knit from stash.


Jessica See:

Stats/Mods: Size H 

French Terry from Love Adore Knit with ribbing from stash.


Katie Richards:

Stats/Mods: Size I

Tie Dye knit from Amelia Lane fabrics.


Kayla Murphy:

Stats/Mods: Size D no mods

Fabric from stash.

Fabric from stash.


Kayleigh Landon:

Stats/Mods: Size E graded to G hip.

French Terry from Miley Mae,


Krystal Lee:

Stats/Mods: Size B 

Non stretch sweatshirt fabric.

Non stretch sweatshirt fabric.


Lauren Turnbull:

Stats/Mods: Size E 

Interlock with cotton lycra bands. 

Interlock with ribbing bands.


Lisa Zimmerman:

Stats/Mods: Size M no mods.

Sweatshirt fleece with tie dye French Terry from Seweird Fabric.


Livia Jonker-Yamada:

Stats/Mods: Size F 

Fabric from stash.

Fabric from stash.


Mary Cheddie:

Stats/Mods: Size F

Baby French Terry from Walmart.

Lightweight rib knit from Walmart.


Meghan Keder:

Stats/Mods: Size G, 1/2" swayback adjustment,

Cotton lycra French Terry with rib knit cuffs and bands from Abby's Tekstiler.

Hemp/cotton blend knit from Abby's Tekstiler.


Melanie Burns:

Stats/Mods: Size C no mods.

Bliss from Blended Thread Fabric with brushed yoga bands and cuffs from Greenstyle Creations.

Sweatshirt Knit from Made Whimsy fabric with brushed yoga bands and cuffs from Greenstyle Creations.


Morland Brawner:

Stats/Mods: Size K 

Knit from stash.


Nichole Langmeyer:

Stats/Mods: Size H bust, I waist.

French Terry from Seweird Fabric.

Sweater Knit from Boho Fabric.


Rejeana Ebata:

Stats/Mods: Size C no mods.

Hacci knit from So Sew English, rib knit from Joann.


Sarah Long:

Stats/Mods: Size H/I

Luxe fleece from Joann.

Luxe fleece from Joann.


Shelly Andrews:

Stats/Mods: Size I no mods

Sweater Knit from Joann.


Susi Schuegraf:

Stats/Mods: Size E, sleeves lengthened 1.5"

French Terry from Seweird Fabric.

Teal grunge knit from Jumping June Textiles.

Bamboo Velour from


Synthia Fetke:

Stats/Mods: Size E 

Fabric from stash.

Fabric from stash.


Teresa Bellnoski:

Stats/Mods: Size D

Waffle knit with ribbing cuffs and bands from Millie and Dot.

Heavyweight French Terry from ribbing cuffs and bands from Millie and Dot.


Tori Chapel: 

Stats/Mods: Size E no mods.

Cotton French Terry from Surge fabrics.

Brushed Terry Athletic from Joann and Adventurer rib from Surge.

Poly Rayon Spandex French Terry and rib from Joann. 













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