Greenstyle Lille meets Scarlet - a match made in Heaven!

Greenstyle Lille meets Scarlet - a match made in Heaven!

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I LOVE a good racerback and also I LOVE the silhouette of a swing style dress.  Both, even more so in the summer. That said,  I just had to mix the two and voila -- you have a quick and easy, but very cute dress.  

Back when I began sewing, I was petrified to alter a pattern in any way.  This is just part of my very careful and follow the rules personality.  I so envy you "fly by the seat of your pants" people!  I truly do!  But, back on topic.... if you are like me,  there is no need to be scared!  This is a very simple modification. 

First, you need to grab your Lille and your Scarlet patterns.  If you don't already have them, you can get them by clicking on the links below.  AND, I have a SUPRISE for you guys.  Use the code "mashup" and you will get 15% off the Lille Racerback Tank or Dress and/or the Scarlet Swing Dress!!  This code is only good until Monday May 8th, so make sure to snatch them up now, if you don't already have them! 

Greenstyle Creations Lille Racerback Tank or Dress

Greenstyle Creations Scarlet Swing Dress

You will need to print (don't forget to use layers if you like that option!) and then cut or trace your size out for both patterns.  *** Hint - Use your bust measurement for the determining size factor on the Scarlet.  

You are going to trace Miss Lille at the center line (cut on fold line), around the neck, across the shoulder, and down the armscye.  

Now whoa!!! Hold up here.... you need to go grab Miss Scarlet now.  

You will use your Scarlet pattern piece to trace from the bottom of the armscye, down the side seam to your desired length (tunic, knee, high/low, etc.), and across the bottom hem.  *** You will do this to the FRONT and BACK pieces!!  Make sure your length on both the front and the back pattern pieces line up correctly.  

Below, I have some very rudimentary pictures/drawings that hopefully will help you out. In order for you to see how the pattern pieces compare, I have placed the Lille on top of the Scarlet pattern piece.  But, you will just trace your Lille piece onto tracing paper at the areas I mentioned above and then you will place your Scarlet piece down to trace the side seam and bottom hem.  





Below,  are my new Lille/Scarlet traced pattern pieces compared to the Lille pattern piece. 




Once you have your new Lille/Scarlet dress pattern traced, you can finally cut into that gorgeous fabric.  You will use the same neck and arm band lengths called for in the Lille pattern since we have not changed the neckline or the armscye in any way.   And that's it!  Finish by sewing your new Lille/ Scarlet dress up with the instructions from the Lille pattern. 

For another amazing Lille hack (you can never get enough of Lille!) check out Sarah Connell's blog post where she uses a gathered waist to get a look that is all over the boutique world right now! 

If you aren't a part of the Greenstyle Creations Sewing and Pattern Group on Facebook, you can join here.  Such a great group and so helpful if you have questions.  We love when you share your Greenstyle Creations makes!  Plus, we have recently hit the 10,000 member mark and are gearing up for a fantastic celebration that you are NOT going to want to miss!!!  

** Fabric used in the photos is part of the Bohemian Soul line on pre-order from Sly Fox Fabrics until May 17th.  You can find it here, plus many other gorgeous prints.   The Bohemian Soul line is available in ITY (Interlock Twist Yarn), RVJ (Rayon Viscose Jersey), and swim (Nylon Spandex) fabric. 

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