The Perfect Fit Capsule Challenge 2022

The Perfect Fit Capsule Challenge 2022

Posted by Rejeana Ebata on

We are so happy and excited to be running our 6th Annual The Perfect Fit Capsule Challenge! Everything you need to know about the challenge will be detailed in this blog post. 

What is the Perfect Fit Capsule Challenge?

Every Monday for the next month, starting tomorrow, February 14th, a Greenstyle Facebook Admin will post the challenge of the week. These challenges are here to help you along the way while you build the perfect sewing capsule. Entering these challenges will give you a chance to win one of the many prizes! There will be plenty of discounts from us and our amazing sponsors available to help you build your capsule. 

The end goal is to sew up a mini capsule of THREE or more items using only Greenstyle Creation Patterns. 

How Do I Enter a Challenge?

The Perfect Fit Capsule challenges will be held in our Facebook Group from February 14th to March 12th.

Weeks 1-3 will have 4-5 winners and the prizes range from prize packs to gift cards.

On the fourth and FINAL week of the challenge, you will not only have three or more new items in your closet, but you will have the chance to win the GRAND PRIZE! A brand new SERGER.

The prizes are not only limited to US Residents. We have some awesome sponsors from the UK and Canada.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you need to do is to assess your wardrobe and plan out your capsule. You can find The Perfect Fit Capsule Planner under "Files" in our Facebook Group

Planning your capsule may or may not be one of our challenges... <hint hint>

Once you have your capsule planned you need supplies!


All Greenstyle Creation sewing patterns will be 25% off using code 2022PFC and select fabrics are on sale, no coupon needed.

This is a great time to pick up any sewing pattern that is on your wishlist!


Bow Button Fabrics - 20% off with code "ATHLETICS20"

Sew Dynamic Fabrics - 15% off Retail with code "SDFitCap22"

Discovery Trekking - 10% off with code "FitCapsule10"

Stitch Happens - 15% off with code "GSFITCAPSULE"

Ash and Elm - 15% off with code "GS15" 

Sew Along Videos

We have many sew along videos to help you out with the capsule. See the list below of all the available videos.

Bomdia Dress SAL

Lumia Jacket SAL

Endurance Bra SAL

Sundial Leggings SAL

Waimea Swim SAL

Whistler Jacket SAL

Brassie and Iron Joggers SAL

North Shore Swim SAL

Pacific Pullover SAL

Greenstyle Creations YouTube Channel

Along with all the above SAL videos, the Greenstyle Creations YouTube channel offers many step-by-step tutorials.

Join us now in our Facebook Group!


Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for making this challenge possible!

Bow Button Fabrics, Dana Miller Online, The Fabric Fairy, Mily Mae Fabrics, Olga's Closet, Raspberry Creek Fabric, Sew Dynamic, The Styled Magnolia, So Sew English Fabric, Surge Fabric Shop, Discovery Trekking, Wattle and Slate, Halo Fabrics, Ash and Elm, Stitch Happens


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  • I love all the beautiful sewing. How can I join the Perfect fit capsule challenge? I’m trying to get back into sewing.

    Trish on
  • I love all the patterns. I’m trying to get back into sewing and would like to try the challenges. They are all so beautiful!

    Trish on
  • In the month November 2021 I sewed many upon many xmas gifts, then I hit a burnout moment. This challenge is a great opportunity to come back strong, reorganizing my GS wardrobe and sew GS pieces to complete my GS wardrobe.

    Synthia Lee Gerritson on

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