New Pattern Release: The Bomdia Dress

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Summer is upon most of us in the northern hemisphere, and Greenstyle has officially released the hottest pattern of the season: The Bomdia Dress!

This dress is a super trendy side tie ruched dress that can go from day to evening in the pull of a string! Tie it up tighter for a shorter hem, or looser for a knee length dress. It has 3 different necklines and 3 different sleeve options, so you can make whatever look you want!

This pattern works best with a knit fabric with approximately 75% horizontal stretch and 25% vertical stretch, and it takes anywhere between 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 yards of fabric depending on what size and option you make. 

This dress comes in our B-M size chart, and covers from 30-61" bust, 22-57" waist, and 33-62" hip. If you're between sizes or want a tighter fit, size down. If your measurements fall into multiple sizes, grade between sizes, and of course, if you need any help or have any questions, come on over to our Facebook group and some incredibly helpful sewists will be more than happy to help you! 


This dress looks good on every single one of our testers, and we think you'll agree!


Alyson Yaraskovitch:

Find Alyson on Instagram here!

Stats/Mods: Size G (hips and bust) graded to size F at the waist. Added 1/2" to the armscye to account for height.

Athletic Knit from Fabric Obsessions.


Amanda Talma:

Stats/Mods: FBA size I graded to J at hips, 2.5" added at waist, 1.5" added at hips of the tank, 2.5" added to hips of sleeved version, sleeved version has tank neckline

Bamboo Spandex from Natures Fabrics.

Bamboo Spandex from Nature's Fabrics.


Becca Seal:

Stats/Mods: Size D graded to E rainbow and D graded to E and F navy.

Nylon Spandex from Sew Fit Fabrics.

Nylon Spandex from Sew Fit Fabrics.


 Bri Shirley:

Find Bri on Instagram here, check out her blog here, see her TikTok account here, and check out her Facebook page here!

Stats/Mods: Size F no mods.

Athletic Knit from Blended Thread Fabric.


Celine Khoo:

Stats/Mods: Size D slightly shortened.

Fabric from personal fabric stash.


Celine Bergia:

Find Celine on Instagram here!

Stats/Mods: Size D coral and size E purple.

Poly Cotton from personal fabric stash.

Jersey from personal fabric stash.


Dana Miller:

Find Dana on Instagram here!

Stats/Mods: Size J, FBA, a little length taken out for height.

Tie Dye Rib Knit from MilyMae.


Danielle Allen:

Find Danielle on Instagram here!

Stats/Mods: Size G FBA graded down to F with a bunch of length chopped off the ties.

Enigma from The Styled Magnolia.


Elda Castillo:

Find Elda on Instagram here, and check out her page here!

Double Brushed Poly from Sew So English.

Ribbed Poly Spandex from personal fabric stash.


Eva Buchel:

Stats/Mods: Size F graded to E at hips.

Athletic Knit from Fabric Snobs.

Athletic Knit from Joann's.


Genevieve Grossmann:

Stats/Mods: Size D no mods.

Knit fabric from Poundameter.

Knit fabric from Miss Chloe Fabric.


Hillary Bliss:

Stats/Mods: Size J no mods.

Space Dye Poly Spandex Athletic Knit from Olga's Closet.


JamiLynn Pastore:

Stats/Mods:Size J graded to K in waist and Hips, Bust: 49, Waist: 45, Hips: 51, Height 5’3” (did not grade for height).

Liverpool from personal fabric stash.

Bamboo Spandex from The Styled Magnolia.

Bamboo French Terry from The Styled Magnolia.


Jasmine Capel:

Find Jasmine on Instagram here!

Stats/Mods: Size I graded to H, FBA.

Double Brushed Polyester from Cali Fabrics.

Athletic Fabric from Knitorious Fabric.


Jocie Goldman:

Stats/Mods: Size D/E/F.

Knit fabric from personal fabric stash.


Jodi Williams:

Stats/Mods: Size G no mods.

Rib Knit from Walmart.


Kamali Obiagu:

Stats/Mods: Size I graded to J.

Knit fabric from personal fabric stash.

Knit fabric from personal fabric stash.


Keri Kiel:

Stats/Mods: Size B.

Double Brushed Polyester from Made of Love Fabric.


Kyema Greeley:

Stats/Mods: Size D

Knit fabric from personal fabric stash.


Livia Jonker-Yamada:

Find Livia on Instagram here, and check out her blog here!

Stats/Mods: F bust and waist, graded to J hips.

Cotton Lycra from Dreissen Stoffen.

Cotton Lycra from Dreissen Stoffen.


Maafio Appiah-Padi:

Stats/Mods: K with FBA, shortened 2" at the waist and ties shortened.

Poly Spandex Rib Knit from Off the Bolt Fabrics.


Mary Cheddie:

Stats/Mods: Size F/G, added 3" length for height.

Knit fabric from Walmart.

ITY from Fabric Mart.


Melanie Burns:

Stats/Mods: Size C FBA.

Rib Knit from fabric destash site.


Rae Nagy:

Stats/Mods: G with an FBA, graded to a J hip.

Cotton Lycra from Fabriculous.


Rejeana Ebata:

Stats/Mods: Size I no mods.

Rib Knit from The Fab Clique.


Robyn Gerard:

Find Robyn on Instagram here!

Stats/Mods: Size J w/ FBA, Crew Neck, Bust: 50", Waist: 44", Hips: 51"

Double Brushed Poly from So Sew English.

Double Brushed Poly from Knitpop.


Shelly Andrews:

Stats/Mods: Size I upper chest graded to a J at the waist and hips. 1 inch length shortened at the upper length line. I.5 inches take out at the lower length line. Dress length cut at the J. 5'3"

Poly Spandex from So Sew English.


Sonia Jessop:

Stats/Mods: Size E/F

Knit fabric from personal fabric stash.


Susi Schuegraf:

Stats/Mods: Size E/F

Yoga Knit from personal fabric stash.

Bamboo Lycra from personal fabric stash.


Victoria Williamson:

Stats/Mods: Size L with FBA

Cotton Lycra from Emerald Curtain Fabrics.



















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