New Pattern Release: Studio To Street Top

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The Studio to Street Top has hit the "streets" of Greenstyle!  This answers the long standing request for a dolman sleeve top from designer Angelyn Bennett. It has been worth the wait! 

It features FIVE different neckline options: front crew, front V, back crew, back V and a back deep V. With all of the combinations you can do, you will have plenty of new styles to make from this one pattern!

The pattern also offers different hem lengths: crop, straight, banded and full length. In addition to the hem lengths, there are also 3 different sleeve lengths: short with bands (you could also just hem the short sleeves!) , 3/4,and long. 

This pattern is so versatile, and you can get different results by using different fabrics. Our testers used everything from brushed polyester and sweater knits with amazing drape to french terry for a more structured look. Bear in mind that your fabric choice will make a difference when it comes to your final results! 

So Sew English sponsored this test, and several of our testers used their amazing fabrics for their tops. THANK YOU SSE!!

Without further ado, check out the tester round up below and be inspired for your own Studio to Street Top, which you can get HERE

 Crew Back with V Front

Aimee Wilson. Straight length. Fabric is a cotton jersey with rib knit sleeves, from the Fashion District. 

Check out Aimee's blog.


Denise Keierleber. Split Band Hem. Fabric is Euro C/L from Jumping June Textiles.

Elizabeth Blanchard. Full length. Fabric is a brushed sweater knit from Sly Fox Fabrics. 

Karla Holmes. Full Length. 


Sarah Connell. Full Length. Fabric is cupro from Bow Button Fabrics. 

Check out Sarah's blog. 

 Tracey Vink-Fox. Split Band Hem. 

Crew Front with V Back

Amanda Travaglini. Crop length. 

Find Amanda on Instagram.

Chris Shapiro. Full length. Fabric is a waffle knit from Pretty Posh Prints. 

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Gwen Geitgey. Full Length. Fabric is French Terry from So Sew English. 

Check out Gwen's blog.

Jennifer Ambrose. Full Length. Fabric is bamboo spandex from

Jennifer Williams. Split Band Hem. Fabric is a triblend with 2-way stretch. 

Check out Jennifer's blog.

Kayla Bailey. Crop length. Fabric is french terry from So Sew English. 

Laura Frost. Crop Length. Fabric is hacci from So Sew English. 

Susi Shuegraf. Straight length. Fabric is rayon spandex. 

Crew Front with Deep V Back

Angie Bennett. Full length. 

Loren Biggs. Split Band Hem. Fabric is viscose bamboo from So Sew English. 

Carolyn McGinnis. Split Band Hem. Fabric is double brush poly from Sewierd Fabrics.

Melanie Burns. Crop Length. Fabric is a Cotton French Terry from Boho Fabrics. 

Eva Buchel. Full length. 

Jody Kappas. Full Length. Fabric is yoga performance. 

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Jolene Barry. Full Length. 

Check out Jolene's blog

Kimberly Dehuff. Crop Length. Fabric is cotton french terry. 

Find Kimberly on Instagram

Lisa Rowland. Full Length. Fabric is french terry from Knitpop. 

Rachel Bowles. Full Length. Fabric is a rayon spandex. 


Shannon McCracken. Full Length. Short sleeve with band. Fabric is a lightweight supplex. 


Stephanie Bracelin. Full Length. Fabric is rayon spandex from Phee fabrics. 

Check out Stephanie's blog

Stephanie Homler. Crop Length. Fabric is french terry from Knitpop. 

Terri Tichenor. Split Band Hem. Fabric is a sweater knit from Walmart. 

Find Terri on Instagram.

Crew Front and Back

Becky McGill-Wilkinson. Crop length. Fabric is sweater knit from Knitpop. 

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Buffie Jo. Full length. 

Candice Doucet. Crop length. 

Caroline Gaddy. Split Band Hem. 

Check out Caroline's blog.

Diane Cullum. Split Band Hem. Short Sleeve with band. Fabric is a poly spandex from Girl Charlee. 

Elizabeth Blanchard's daughter. Crop length. Fabric is a poly rayon french terry from So Sew English. 

Kayliegh Landon. Split Band Hem. Fabric is a baby french terry from So Sew English.  

Check out Kayliegh's blog

Emmanuelle Labonte. Crop Length. Fabric is interlock knit for the bodice with cotton lycra sleeves. 

Kim Medlock. Full Length. Fabric is French Terry from Sly Fox Fabrics. 

Lisa Thrower. Full Length. 

Check out Lisa's blog

Sharon Aguilar. Full Length. 

Check out Sharon's blog

V Front with Deep V Back

Synthia Gerritson. Split Band Hem. Short Sleeves with bands. Fabric from LDG Showroom, cotton lycra band. 


Debora VanHamlin. Full length. Short Sleeve with band. Fabric is circular knit from Phee Fabrics. 

Check out Debora's blog

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