Day 1: Lace Up Waist Band Hack Sew-a-long

Posted by Jennifer Williams on

Welcome to the Lace Up Waistband hack sew-a-long!  Thanks for tuning in with us!   This is Jenn behind the keyboard. I feel like I need to let you know that because this is the first official sew-a-long I've done and I'm a little nervous!  So go easy on me ;)

This will be a pretty short sew-a-long because we are just focusing on the waistband of the leggings...but it's a fun one!

If you are having anxiety about trying something new like hacking a pattern or installing grommets, fear no more. I'm going to try to do my best to walk you through each step.  

Today we will be choosing which pattern we want to use, cutting out the pattern pieces and cutting out our fabric. If you need help with sizing or getting a perfect fit, Sarah with Sewing With Sarah has a great Inspires sew-a-long that she hosted and goes into detail about those specifics.

You can grab the pattern here: Inspires Tights

The great thing about the Greenstyle tights, is that you can really mix and match any of the legs with any of the waistbands! So feel free to use the Strides or Super G's if you would like!

Ready to get started? Letssssss go!

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