Xpress Tank - Pattern Release!

Xpress Tank - Pattern Release!

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**The white fabric in the above and below pictures (Angelyn Bennett) is a circular knit from Phee Fabrics.  Phee Fabrics is the sponsor of the Xpress Tank testing and release and their circular knit is perfect for this pattern!  You can check it out here. You can also join the Phee Fabrics Facebook group page and keep up to date on sales and new fabric arrivals.  

Greenstyle Creations has just released the Xpress Tank!  Greenstyle's designer, Angelyn Bennett, named it "Xpress" for 2 reasons. 

1. The lovely "X" that makes up the back of the top.


2. The ridiculously short amount of time it takes to cut your fabric and sew one up!  The Xpress Tank is comprised of one (yes, ONE!) piece of fabric, 2 seams at the shoulders, and hemming (if you choose to do so)!  That's it!  But the cool thing is that you would never guess it.  It has an absolutely stunning silhouette. 

This clever tank can be sewn up in only a few minutes and provides style and comfort with several options.  Choose a high neck or low neck, a rounded back, a pointed back, or even a tie back option.  You will love how easy this is and how many different looks you can get with just one simple pattern piece, 1 yard, and about 20 minutes.

Sizes Included:  3XS - 3XL 
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Pattern Features: PDF Instant Download, Layered Sizes, No Trim Pages, A4, and Large Format available for download.
Fabric Requirement: 7/8 yard for all sizes
Fabric Recommendation: Light to medium weight knit fabric with good drape.  Cotton lycra, Spandex, Lycra, supplex (not the heavy weight), performance fabric, triblend, t-shirt blend, etc.  Make sure it has at least 50% two way stretch. 


STYLING: Hit the gym in style, wear it casually with jeans, or dress it up!  The pattern testers did an amazing job at showing the versatility and options of the Xpress Tank.  Check out some of the pattern testing pictures below, and then go to the Greenstyle Facebook Page Xpress Tank Photo Album, for even more great shots.  The albums in the Facebook group are so helpful when you are deciding on what fabric and options to choose for your garment!

Pictures have been categorized by pattern options.



 Michelle Andrews


Elizabeth Blanchard



Jodi Williams


Mary Cheddie. Mary blogs at Phee Fabrics


Brenda Kenty Schultz 



Lydia Persson


Elizabeth DeVirgillio


Gloria Richardson



Sarah Connell . Check out Sarah's fabulous blog, Sewing with Sarah. IG @sewingwithsarah . 


Mari Edstrom


Sharon Aguilar . Read Sharon's review of the Xpress tank on her blog, SweetMamaSharon!


Blake Bahora blogs for Aurora Design Fabrics.



Sarah Connell


 Michelle Andrews (modeled by Mara)


Joni Pearce


Kyema Greeley is the blogger behind The Art of Oh.



Heather Privette


Lydia Persson


Joni Pearce



Shelby Barney. Check out her blog Octaves of Color !


Diane Cullum. She blogs at Sewing with D


Doray Briskman


Kittrick Thoune (We seriously have the best testers!)


Mary Cheddie (#fierce)


Sara Marie


Shayna Stevens 

Jill Boehm

There you have it!  Make sure you check out the rest of the tester photos in the Xpress Tank Facebook Album

The best way to stay up to date with Greenstyle Creations happenings is to follow them on their facebook group page.  This is a great community to see Greenstyle makes, ask any and as many questions as you would like, and to see what's coming up next!  Stay tuned for another athletic pattern;) 


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