Tutorial: Adding a Gusset to the Lucy Leggings

Tutorial: Adding a Gusset to the Lucy Leggings

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With all the awesome atheltic leggings patterns in the Greenstyle line-up, you might have overlooked the Lucy leggings- but that would be a mistake!

The Lucy leggings come loaded with options, including 5 hem lengths (from shorts to extra long!), two waistband options (yoga and encased elastic) and even a cute ruffle hem! The fit is slightly more relaxed than the Inspires or Strides, and they make an excellent everyday legging (try wearing them under the Lacy Slope tee or the Laurel Dress).

There's only one piece for the front and the back, which makes pattern matching and cutting a breeze, and they sew up so quickly you might have 3 done before the night is through!

With a couple easy modifications, you can also make them work well for athletic activities, and I'll show you how below.


Lucy Leggings Pattern (on SALE for the Sew Along, no code needed)


Triangular Gusset piece (from the Inspire leggings pattern, also on sale, or as a separate FREE download HERE).

(Note: This modification would also work with the oval gusset on the Strides. Just follow the steps below, and then insert the Stride gusset using this video.)

Step 1:

Adjust the BACK of your Lucy Leggings pattern to cut off a triangular portion, right at the part of the back crotch curve where it starts to swoop out.

The length of your line should be approximately the same length as your gusset piece, or slightly longer.

Step 2:

Cut out two mirror images of the Leg pieces, with the part you marked removed. Use the tutorial below to attach your gusset, and sew the remainder of your leggings as normal.

Now you can workout, chase after your kids, or just enjoy a good stretch!

Check out the tutorial for installing a Triangle Gusset (as part of the Inspire SewAlong) HERE on YouTube.

Hooray for a very versatile pattern- I love it when I can use a single pattern for many purposes!

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