Tester Round-Up: Diamond Pullover

Tester Round-Up: Diamond Pullover

Posted by Rejeana Ebata on

Are you ready for another great pattern!? The Diamond Pullover is staple to add to your Fall wardrobe.

Per usual, the tester's different styles and creativity really shine through with this super cute and versatile pattern. Hopefully you can find some inspiration here and don't forget to share it on Facebook and/or Instagram. #GSDiamondPullover

This beautiful pullover lends itself to your creative matching skills.  You can colorblock to your heart's content or if you are unsure of your matching skills or short on time, just make the simple version! It's all about what you want.  The fit is easy and comfortable, what's not to love?

Get your pattern here!

Need fabric? Check out the Greenstyle French Terry and matching Rib Knits!

Katie Kimmel: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size F
  • All colorblock
  • High hip
  • French Terry, double knit and distressed all from mily mae fabrics

  • Solid back
  • Colorblock front
  • Hemmed sleeve
  • Low hip hemmed
  • Alpaca with sweater knit solid

Nichole Langmeyer: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size H
  • Long banded length
  • French Terry from Seweird Fabrics

Teal Keller: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size D
  • High hip hem and hemmed sleeves
  • Fabric from stash

 Sarah Burrill: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size H
  • Long (added a bit of length to the arms)
  • Cotton French Terry from Halo Fabric Addicts

Synthia Lee Gerritson

  • No bands
  • Fabric from stash

Tori Chapel: Follow one Instagram here.

  • Size E
  • Colorblock
  • Longer length with bands
  • French Terry from Joanns

 Kayla Smith: Follow on Instagram here.

  • H graded to I hip
  • Shorter Length
  • French terry from Wanderlust fabrics and The Styled Magnolia

Lola McLachlan: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size E
  • Neckband
  • High Hip
  • Main is supplex from personal stash, white is double knit from Cali Fabrics

Wendy Bennett: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size F
  • High hip hem
  • Cuffed
  • Fabric from stash
  • High hip hemmed
  • Lower neckline
  • Butter from Halo Fabric Addicts and stripes from Salmon Valley Knits

Dana Miller: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size K
  • Color block longest length
  • Animal print french terry from stash, black and grey Cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress

  • Color block
  • Middle length
  • Cotton French terry from surge and Purple Seamstress

 Amy Kushner Wilson: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size D
  • High hip cuff
  • Fabric from Blended Thread Fabric

Susi Schuegraf: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Light weight cotton jersey Tie dye from Fidm  

  •  Lightweight cotton jersey from FIDM

Megan Harvey: Follow on Instagram here.

  • E graded to G
  • Colorblock option
  • Longest length
  • Hem and sleeve bands
  • Oatmeal French terry and cotton Lycra coordinate from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Jennie Lindstrom: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size C
  • Pieced sleeve
  • Banded bottom
  • Greens were from Sincerely Rylee and gray from the Fabric Snob

Alyson Jaruszkiewicz: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size F
  • Low hip
  • Banded options (cuff and bottom bands) 
  • French terry from Mimifabrics
Tania Keller: Follow on Instagram here.
  • Size B
  • High hip
  • Cotton Lycra from Little Poppies

Nikki Scott: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size G
  • Long length basic
  • Light sweater knit from fabrictopia

Jocie Goldman: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size E
  • Banded low hip
  • Colorblocked sleeves & bodice
  • Cotton french terry from So Sew English

  • Banded low hip
  • Color blocked bodice
  • Solid sleeves
  • Bamboo french terry main, French terry sleeves & color block from personal stash

 Bri Fraser: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size F
  • Bands
  • High hip
  • Diamond front and back
  • Athletic knit from The Styled Magnolia

Barbara Beavers: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size H graded to G hip
  • Solid front and back with cuffs and band
  • Leopard print-SSE

  • Rib knit-color block with cuffs and band
  • Rib knit from Knitpop

 Cyn Sule: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size B
  • Long length
  • Color-blocked
  • Hem band and sleeve cuffs
  • Reverse Sweater Knit from Joann

Kimberly Mertz Dehuff: Follow on Instagram here.

  • C graded to D for waist/hips
  • Hemmed with all colorblocking
  • Reverse french terry (floral) and brushed french terry (solid) from Sincerely Rylee

 Nicole Jose-Librojo: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size F/G
  • High hip
  • Hemmed
  • Colorblocked bodice and sleeves
  • Cotton lycra french terry from Blended Thread fabrics

 Daisy Buitrago: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size B
  • Simple version
  • Polartech fleece from the Fabric Fairy

Ashley Oliver: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size F
  • Crew neck
  • Bands
  • Colorblocked
  • French terry from Olga’s closet

 Rejeana Ebata: Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size C
  • Colorblocked
  • Banded cuffs and hem
  • Longest Length
  • Baby French Terry from Sly Fox Fabrics

  • Solid front, back, and sleeves
  • Banded cuffs and hem
  • Longest Length
  • French terry from Blended Thread Fabric

  • Colorblocked
  • Longest length
  • Banded cuffs and hem
  • Print fabric French Terry from Oh So Pretty, Solid Fleece French Terry from Boho Fabric

Cynthia Solis Hendrickson - Follow on Instagram here.

  • Size E
  • Longest Length (for hemming) but with Hem Band added
  • Greenstyle French Terry and Rib

Lisa Woods Zimmerman

  • Size M
  • Longer length no band or cuffs
  • Blue burn-out knit fabric from Walmart
  • Marbled sweater knit from Walmart  

Shawnta Jones

  • Size F
  • French Terry

Florence Taylor

  • Size J
  • French Terry

Kyema Greeley

  • Size D
  • Colorblocked
  • French Terry and Rib Knit from Surge

Vicki Jean

  • Size D to F hips
  • Cotton french terry print and bamboo french terry solid


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