Stride Zipper Pocket Modification

Stride Zipper Pocket Modification

Posted by Angelyn Bennett on

After the Stride Tights were updated, I wanted to show you a cool zipper hack I have been wanting to do for a while now.  It is a nice option if you run or need to make sure your belongings are secure in the pocket.  

In addition to the pattern and fabric, you will need two 6" zippers and wash-away pressure tape like Wonder Tape.

I found these cool reverse zippers on Amazon!  They look just like some on my high end leggings.

You will start with the side insert pocket pieces.  I folded down the top of the lower edge to account for zipper tape.  I lined up the notches on the insert pieces and drew a line across the top.

Next, add seam allowance and cut across the line.  Cut your piece from this new upper section.

You will also need a lower piece cut from the lower half of the Upper Side Insert. I used a light weight black fabric for the bottom 1/2 of the piece.  This will be the back of the pocket.


Now, I always use pressure tape when installing zippers on knit fabrics.  Press a strip across the bottom edge of side insert piece on the right side of the fabric. 

Place the zipper with right side down along this edge. Press along the tape and secure with a few pins.  Stitch along the edge with a zipper foot.

Flip the zipper down and press.  

Then, put Wonder Tape along the upper edge of the lower section of the side insert.  Place the remaining side of the zipper along the edge and press down.  Secure with a few pins.  Before you sew, flip it up and make sure it lines up.  Adjust if needed.  Then, sew close to the zipper teeth using a zipper foot.

Turn the pieces right sides up. 

Place the back pocket piece (the one I cut of the back fabric) under the piece, lining up the upper edge of the back pocket with the top zipper tape.  Stitch along the top of the zipper tape to secure the back piece.

Now, open the zipper pull toward the middle and stitch the open end closed along the edge to secure it so it won't move when you stitch it to the edge of the back piece. Stitch along the other edge so you don't accidentally pull the zipper pull off the end of the zipper.

The white you see along the zipper edge is the Wonder Tape, and it will dissolve when washed.

Now clip off the edges of the zipper that extend and proceed per the directions in the original pattern!

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