New Release: The Venice Beach Shorts

New Release: The Venice Beach Shorts

Posted by Kayliegh Landon on

Say hellllloooo to these retro beauties: the Venice Beach Shorts! Whether you're on the actual beach, roller skating the boardwalk, shooting goals on the field or running the trails, this pattern is sure to please anyone with it's unique binding design and curves. It's available in sizes B-M and was drafted for a feminine fit. Choose between a contour or elastic waistband, pockets or no pockets, and 3 different inseam lengths. 



Check out our AMAZING testers' versions! 

Alex Resch:

Grey/white pair is 290 ABP from Bow Button Fabric and white is cotton lycra from fabric fairy

Light grey/ white mesh pair: stretch woven and stretch mesh from Greenstyle Sewing forms pair: Supplex from Sew Fit Fabric and ABP from Zenith and Quasar.

All white binding is cotton lycra from The Fabric Fairy

Amanda Donegan:

Red: chito sante (local fabric shop!)
White: compression tricot from Halo Fabric

Amanda Lee:

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Pink/Grey - main is Brazilian NS from Surge

Sewing Notions are CFT from Kiss My Stash with cords of FT and DBP from Surge

Anna Collins:

Main fabric is french terry from Jumping June Textiles and the binding is CL from Dark Matter Fabric

Ashleigh Pettett:

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Black/White: Black Linen Look French Terry from BTF (main), White Linen Look Bamboo from BTF (binding)

Pink/Lace: Hot Pink Supplex from Phee Fabrics (main), Kaleidoscope Lace Athletic Knit from Blended Thread Fabrics (binding/inset panel)

Bernice V:

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First Pair: French terry for the main and inset and cotton lycra for the binding and waistband, all from Blended Thread Fabrics

Second  pair: All 3 fabrics are cotton lycra from Blended Thread Fabrics.

Beth Doglady:

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Black animal print: supplex from stash

Tan print pair is Reaction athletic knit from The Fabric Fairy

Grey pair is BCLFT, also from The Fabric Fairy,

Red pair is  CLFT from Surge 

Christina Pikas:

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Brown and black cotton lycra - Brown from GStreet, black probably from EFF

Charcoal and cranberry pairs are mystery athletic or swim from Gstreet,

Crystal Lee:

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Hot pink supplex fron Phee Fabrics. Gray athletic from Joann.

Dana Miller:

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ABP from Surge Fabrics

Danielle Allen:

Athletic knit from Sew Dynamic Fabrics

 Djem Ferkenstad:

Animal print is FT from Whiskey Tango Fabrics.

The stripes are AK or Swim from SSE.

Elisah Lim:

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 Erica Hampton:

Coral  used for waistbands on both pairs, the main on the coral pair, and side inserts on the purple pair is ABP from Zenith and Quasar.

Purple stars and the cheetah side inserts used for the coral pair are from Threaded Candy Custom Fabrics.

Eva Buchel:

Pink/white pair is C/L FT and lightweight C/L jersey binding

Geometric kaleidoscope is athletic fabric from Sosewenglish with supplex binding. 

 Polka dot fabric is textured fabric from Walmart mystery bundles and supplex binding.

Disney knit is custom, supplex binding.

 Irene Bateman:

Green palm pair: butter athletic with swim lining binding. All fabric from Halo Fabric Addicts.

Leopard and binding is perfotek maxdri.

Jasmine Capel:

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Purple is "Energize" from Blue Moon Fabric

Kettlebell is supplex from Sew Fit Fabrics

Jill Boehm:

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 Supplex from Zenith & Quasar 

Jody Kappas:

Stable reversible performance fabric from SSE for the main and some random unidentified fabrics for side panel and binding

 Joelle Nichole:

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 Kara Mooney:

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Rose gold is stretch velvet from Hobby Lobby and the silver was dance spandex from stash.

Kayla Lee:

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Kayla Smith:

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Floral is athletic from Bow Button Fabrics with Scrappy Doo from Fishmans Fabrics.

Funky and stripes are from the styled magnolia.

Kimberly Dehuff:

Green flight supplex from Greenstyle with black CL for binding and side inserts

Krystol Ithomitis:

Marran Cleary Poole:

Performance cotton lycra from Joanns

 Mary Cheddie:

Body of the shorts are Greenstyle Dritex, side panels are supplex and the red insert trim is heavy supplex from Z&Q.

Naomi Copeland:

Nicole Librojo:

Green is athletic knit from Belnded Thread Fabrics

Rainbow cloud is athletic, violet is dritex both from Bow Button Fabrics

 Rejeana Ebata:

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Purple - supplex from The Styled Magnolia, binding - performance active wear from LA Finch fabrics

Grey shorts - athletic jersey from Joann’s, binding: poly spandex from knitpop

Sarah Connell:

Check out Sarah's blog

Stretch woven from Fabric Fairy,

Knit from Sew Dynamic Fabrics

Sharon Aguilar:

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Black and white pair: CL from Made Whimsy

Green pair is french terry from Wherehouse Fabric Dallas

Blue pair is stretch woven from fabric fair

Floral pair is cotton Lycra from made whimsy fabric

 Sierra Wohlers:

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ABP from The Styled Magnolia

Sonia Jessop:

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 Susi Shuegraf:

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Black with neon yellow is Zenith and Quasar

Floral French terry is hobby lobby with Phee fabric trim

Gretchen woven grey with rose is from Fabric Fairy 

Teal Keller


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Floral is Raspberry Creek Fabrics cotton lycra 

Leaves are Raspberry Creek Fabrics french terry, binding is tricot from Surge Fabrics

 Teresa Orpen:

Heathered blue is 265gsm/heavy ABP, dark grey is supplex, insert is board short. All from Zenith & Quasar.

Trish Goodfellow:

French terry from either Surge or Sincerely Rylee

That's all for now friends! If you see these amazing testers in the group, give them a shout out. And don't forget to grab your copy of the pattern here!



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