New Pattern Release: The Nantucket Bucket Hat PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern Release: The Nantucket Bucket Hat PDF Sewing Pattern

Posted by Sharon Aguilar on

The latest addition to the Greenstyle pattern catalog is a bucket hat!! The Nantucket Bucket Hat pattern includes sizes to fit the whole family and is sure to be a big hit in yours. It is pretty quick to sew and takes just 1/2 yard of a woven fabric!

The exciting news about this pattern is that it is FREE for a limited time! With any $15 purchase in the Greenstyle store (patterns, fabric, anything!), add this pattern to your cart and use code "FREEHAT" and the pattern is FREE!! This promotion is limited only to the month of September. The pattern is just $8 if you want to buy it by itself or if you wait until after September. You can buy the pattern HERE. You can also watch me sew the pattern HERE

Without further ado, I am excited to show you how great the hat looked on all the pattern testers. You can also read their thoughts on the pattern below. 

Aimee Wilson

Follow her on Instagram here and read her blog here. Aimee used a different fabric for her lining so that her hat is reversible! She says, "It's a fun & quick sew! Bonus that everyone in the family will want one too."

Alex Resch 

Alex says "This hat is so quick to make! It has helped me feel more comfortable sewing wovens!"

Amanda Donegan


Bernice says, "I grew up in a tropical climate without using much/any sun my 30s I embraced sun protection. I love hats and my favorite style is a bucket hat!" You can find Bernice on Instagram here

Brenna Smith 

Dana Miller

Dana says, "I finally have a hat that fits!!!!" You can find Dana on Instagram here

Frances Gilbert


Joey Wright

Joey says, "I’d never had a bucket hat and didn’t know what I was missing! The possibilities are endless and they sew up in a jiff 🙌🏼" Follow her on Instagram here


Kayla Lee

Kayla says, "My entire family has officially requested their own hats be made now!" You can find Kayla on Instagram here

Kayliegh Landon

Kayliegh says, "I LOVE this pattern, and so do my kids! I'm ready to #sewallthehats." I agree Kayliegh! You can find her on Instagram here and read her blog here

 Kimberly Dehuff

Lisa Thrower

Lisa says "Who knew I could make hats?! I've always loved a hat, but they rarely fit. Now they do! Such a great pattern, and it made a change to finish a woven fabric project where I didn't want to throw my machine out of the window!" You can find Lisa on Instagram here

Meghan Keder

Meghan says, "The hat is quick to sew, so it's a nice palate cleanser between other projects. I love that I can have a denim hat that matches my jeans!" You can find Meghan on Instagram here

Nadine Simard

Rejeana Dizon Ebata

Rejeana's favorite part of the pattern is the size range. She says, "Everyone in my house can get a hat! My girls still love matching with me. 😬 I definitely have more hats planned." You can find Rejeana on Instagram here
Sharon Aguilar
I love to wear hats, and I never imagine I could sew one! I love this pattern and how easy and quick it is to make! You can find me on Instagram here and find my blogpost on this pattern here. I am also on YouTube here
Susi Schuegraf
Susi says, "This hat is fast, and everyone can be hip in the fabric of their choice." You can find Susi on Instagram here. Susi made several hats during testing. It is such a quick pattern!
Synthia Gerritson

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