New Pattern Release: The Lumia Zip Up Hoodie

New Pattern Release: The Lumia Zip Up Hoodie

Posted by Melanie Burns on

Hey all you Greenstylers! It's Melanie again with another exciting pattern release: The Lumia Zip Up Hoodie!  You asked, we delivered! We heard your requests for a cross between the Waimea/Pacific Pullover with a full zip, so without further ado, here is the Lumia Zip Up Hoodie!

The Lumia zip up hoodie has a cool front curve and back yoke that are perfect for color blocking or adding contrasting piping. The huge pockets and 3 piece scuba style hood or collar make this hoodie stand out! With clear, easy to follow instructions and clean, professional finishing techniques, this pattern will have you making more and more Lumia hoodies to fill your closet! 

This pattern is drafted for stable knit fabrics with 25% 4 way stretch, such as Scuba, French Terry, Ponte, or other stretch outerwear fabric. Soft-shell can be used, but it is recommended you size up for fabrics with little to no stretch. This pattern also takes 2 1/2-3 yards of fabric depending on size made, and uses a 26" zipper for sizes B-E, 27" zipper for sizes F-I, and 28" zipper for sizes J-M. You'll also need grommets and drawstring if choosing to do the drawstring option, and some fusible interfacing for stability if using higher stretch fabrics. 

This pattern follows our current size chart of B-M. Choose your size based on your measurements, and if your measurements fall in different sizes, grade between sizes for best fit. If you have any questions, head on over to our Facebook group to find a very supportive group of people willing to help you out!

As always, our testers had a blast testing this pattern for y'all, so here they are in all their awesome glory! Check them out below and show them a little love!

Amber Rae Mack:

Stats/Mods: Size C, no mods

Oil Painted Roses on Lilac Gray Scuba Knit from Boho Fabrics.


Blair Reber:
Stats/Mods: Size G no mods.

Athletic Brushed Polyester from The Styled Magnolia.


Brenda Schultz:

Stats/Mods: Size I

Windpro Fleece from SAS Fabrics.

Superplush from So Sew English.


Courtney Abbey:

Stats/Mods: Size I

Cotton French Terry from Blended Thread Fabrics with pink Yoga Stretch from Discovery Fabrics.


Crystal Lee:

Stats/Mods: Size D 

Athletic Knit from Seweird Fabric and Rainbow separating zipper from Wizardry Stitchery.


Dana Miller:

Stats/Mods: Size J, full bicep adjustment, no other mods.

Illusion Athletic Knit from Whisky Tango Fabrics.


Danielle Allen:

Stats/Mods: Size F

Cherry Red Arete from Greenstyle Creations.

Black Athletic Brushed Polyester from The Styled Magnolia and Orange fabric from stash.


Eva Buchel:

Stats/Mods: Size F

Heavyweight Cotton Lycra French Terry from personal stash.

Cotton French Terry with black Cotton Lycra French Terry accents, both from personal stash.


Jocie Goldman:

Stats/Mods: Size E

Cotton French Terry from So Sew English.


Jody Kappas:

Stats/Mods: Size C graded to D.

Brushed French Terry with Quilted knit accent, from So Sew English. The gold aglets are also from So Sew English, the gold zipper is from Wawak, and the gold grommets are from Hobby Lobby.


Karina Trinidad:

Stats/Mods: Size H to I hips.

Heavy low stretch Polyamide athletic knit from local fabric store.


Kayla Smith:

Stats/Mods: Size F graded to H hip.

Endurance XC from The Styled Magnolia with Ponte from Joanns.

Ponte from Fabric Mart.


Kayleigh Landon:

Stats/Mods: Size F graded to G

Fabric from fabric stash.

Fabric from fabric stash.


Kimberly Henry:

Stats/Mods: Size L

Cable Knit from fabric stash.


Leah Winkelmann:

Stats/Mods: Size E

Microflex from Joann's.

Stats/Mods: Size G

Microfleece from Joann's.


Mary Werre:

Stats/Mods: Size C

French Terry from fabric stash.

Stats/Mods: Size D

Ponte from fabric stash.


Melanie Burns:

Stats/Mods: Size C

Soft-shell from The Fabric Fairy, Striped ABP from The Styled Magnolia for piping, and Ribbed Athletic Knit from Greenstyle for band and cuffs. 

Purple Geo Soft-shell from Blended Thread Fabrics, hacked to eliminate the bottom band.


Nadine Simard:

Stats/Mods: Size D, shortened body and sleeve length.

Black Polartec Windpro Stretch from Discovery Fabrics.

Fushia French Terry from L'Oiseau Fabric.


Nicole Librojo:

Stats/Mods: Size F/G, shortened sleeves and bodice by 1".

Athletic Brushed Polyester from The Styled Magnolia with solid 265 GSM ABP from Surge Fabrics.


Rae Miller:

Stats/Mods: Size H/I

Grey Athletic Lycra with Black Sweatshirt Fleece from stash.


Rejeana Ebata:

Stats/Mods: Size D

Velvet Ponte from Joann's.


Shelly Andrews:

Stats/Mods: Size K upper graded to J waist/hips, added 1.5" for height.

French Terry from Millie and Dot.


Shi Sen:

Stats/Mods: Size G

Pink Ak fabric from Phany Création.

Leopard gradient ft from Couture et compagnie.


Stacey Goett:

Stats/Mods: Size K

20% 2-way stretch woven (floral) from local store and CL (heathered grey) from Libelle Sewing.


Susi Schuegraf:

Stats/Mods: Size F with lengthened sleeves.

Bullet fabric from Knitpop.

Marrón Recycled athletic from blue moon and grey athletic from FIDM .

Scuba from Mood Fabrics.


Tania Keller:

Stats/Mods: Size C, shortened for height.

French Terry from Blended Thread Fabric.


Teal Keller:

Stats/Mods: Size D

Black/white floral French terry from Mily Mae Fabrics.

Blue leafy French terry from Textile Twins.


Tori Chapel:

Stats/Mods: Size E

CFT - gray from Raspberry Creek and print from Styled Magnolia.


Wendy Bennett:

Stats/Mods: Size H/I, added 2" for height.

Bamboo French Terry with bamboo cuff ribbing from Bow Button Fabrics.

Grey Knit from Joann's.

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