New Pattern Release: The Corset Bra and Top

New Pattern Release: The Corset Bra and Top

Posted by Melanie Burns on

Hey all you Greenstylers! We have such a great new pattern for you: The Corset Bra and Top

This super trendy, versatile top can give you SO many different looks! It has 3 length options: Bra, Crop, or Hip length, 3 lining options: Shelf bra, Banded bra, or Liner only, and has 3 different cup sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Choose the small cup if you have a 0-2" difference between high and full bust, medium cup if you have a 3-4" difference, and large if you have a 5-6" difference. 


Wear it in or out;  it's a bra, a crop, or a corset inspired top. Make it out of Athletic fabric for a sporty look, or add some mesh or lace accents for a super sexy look! The choice is yours!

Get the Corset Bra and top HERE, on sale for $8.75 until October 12th, after which it will return to $12.

Our testers are ALL feeling themselves in this top, so check them out and see all their versions here!

Amber Dawn:

Stats/Mods: Size G, medium cup, banded bra.

Heavy Athletic fabric with Swim lining.


Amber Rae Mack:

Stats/Mods: Size C, small cup, hip length.

Black Confetti Foil Athletic fabric from Sew Fit Fabrics.


Ang Hal:

Stats/Mods: Size C, no mods.

Premium Performance fabric from Surge Fabrics.

Athletic Brushed Polyester.


Annie Civit:

Stats/Mods: Size F bust, I waist, medium cup.

Cotton Lycra from personal fabric stash.


Bianca Crispin:

Stats/Mods: Size G, large cup.

Athletic Knit.


Blair Reber:

Stats/Mods: Size G, small cup, no mods.

Yoga Flex from Greenstyle Creations.


Brenda Schultz:

Stats/Mods: Size I large cup.

Brushed Nylon from Zenith and Quasar.

Mesh from fabric stash.


Carmen Brent:

Stats/Mods: Size E medium cup.

Fabric from fabric stash.

Fabric from fabric stash.


 Cynthia Hendrickson:

Stats/Mods: Size D, large cup, 1" removed from straps.

Athletic Brushed Poly from fabric stash.

Swim Knit from Olga's Closet.


Daisy Buitrago:

Stats/Mods: Size B, shelf bra, crop length.

Red Athletic Knit, Stripey Swim, Shelf Bra in Mesh Athletic.


Dana Miller:

Stats/Mods: Size J, Large cup.

Black Foil Speck from Surge Fabrics.


Danielle Allen:

Stats/Mods: Size F, Medium cup.

Chipotle Deluxe Supplex from Greenstyle and Mesh from Joann's.


Danielle Heuseveldt:

Stats/Mods: Size F, Small cup.

Custom Athletic fabric from Shear Madness for main, Heavy Athletic Brushed Poly for lining.

Athletic fabric from fabric stash.


Debora VanHamlin:

Stats/Mods: Size F at the shoulders/upper bust, graded out to G under the arm, and the hip length top is graded out to H at the waist/hip (with the back graded out to I at the hip).

Nylon/Spandex Tricot from Phee Fabrics.

Circular Knit from Phee and Chiffon from fabric stash.


Diane Cullum:

Stats/Mods: Size D graded to C at bust, small cup.

Athletic Knit from SAS Warehouse in Phoenix.

Brushed Polyester from SAS Warehouse in Phoenix.


Djem Ferkenstad:

Stats/Mods: Size F upperbust, E bust, F waist. Small cup. -0.5” from strap. -1” bodice for side waist.

Space Dye Athletic Knit from Whiskey Tango Fabrics.


Elda Castillo:

Stats/Mods: Size H, Medium cup, Hip length.

Velvet lined with Cotton Lycra.


Eva Buchel:

Stats/Mods: Size F, Medium cup, no mods.

Align fabric from Greenstyle Creations.

Brushed Yoga from Greenstyle Creations.


Jasmine Capel:

Stats/Mods: Size I, Large cup, no mods.

Knit fabric from Twisted Needle Textiles.


Jess Wilcox:

Stats/Mods: Size K graded to M waist, Medium cup.

Stretch Suede from So Sew English and Stretch Cord from Miley Mae Fabric.


Jessica Cee:

Stats/Mods: Size H, Medium cup.

Red and black velvet in tank length fully lined and reversible, with matching Amy Maxi Skirt in Red Velvet.

Power Flex and Arete from Greenstyle Creations, with matching Spark Tights.


Jessica LaPorte:

Stats/Mods: Size H, Large cup, Graded out to I hip in hip length version.

Fabric from So Sew English.

Fabric from fabric stash.

Corduroy from Walmart.


Kara Mooney:

Stats/Mods: Size C, small cup.

Nylon Spandex with Ponte lining from fabric stash.


Kendel Walker:

Stats/Mods: Size F, Medium cup.

Athletic fabric from The Styled Magnolia.

Athletic fabric from fabric stash.


Kimberly Dehuff:

Stats/Mods: Size C, small cup.

Luxe Nylon Spandex and Agility fabric from Greenstyle Creations.

Supplex from fabric stash.


Krystal Lee:

Stats/Mods: Size B, no mods.

Sports Performance fabric. 

Athletic Performance fabric.


Lisa Thrower:

Stats/Mods: Size G, Large cup.

Italian Matte Lycra from Fabworks with accents of Wattle and Slate athleisure in Flow Motion print.

Yoga Flex from Greenstyle Creations with Meryl from Fabric Fairy as lining.


Mary Cheddie:

Stats/Mods: Size G, 3" added to length.

Burgundy black glimmer from JoAnns.

Double Brushed Poly from Joann's.


Mary Werre:

Stats/Mods: Size D, Small cup, straps shortened 1".

Butter Athletic from Halo Fabric Addicts.

Butter Athletic fabric from Halo Fabric Addicts.

Butter Athletic Fabric from Halo Fabric Addicts.


Nicole Walsh:

Stats/Mods: Size G, Medium cup. 

Custom weight CL from TKB for the darker bit, paired with wine colored powermesh. 


Rae Miller: 

Stats/Mods: Size G, Large cup.

Athletic Performance fabric lined with Power Mesh.


Rae Nagy:

Stats/Mods: Size H bust, G waist, Large cup.

Navy Align fabric from Greenstyle Creations.


Rejeana Ebata:

Stats/Mods: Size C, small cup.

Arete from Greenstyle Creations.


Shelly Andrews:

Stats/Mods: Size H/I, small cup.

Power Flex from Greenstyle Creations.

Border Print from fabric stash.


Stacey Goett: 

Stats/Mods: Size K, no mods.

Athletic Knit from local fabric store.

Athletic Knit from Stitch Happens.


Susi Schuegraf:

Stats/Mods: Size E, small cup.

Athletic Mesh from The Fabric Fairy.

Athletic Brushed Polyester from The Styled Magnolia.

Stretch Lace from FDIM, Pink athletic from HS.

Arete from Greenstyle Creations.

Butter Athletic from Halo Fabric Addicts. 


Synthia Gerritson:

Stats/Mods: Size H, Medium cup, added 1.5" to length.

Athletic fabric from fabric stash.


Tammie Schaefer:

Stats/Mods: Size D, width E, small cup.

Athletic Knit from Zenith and Quasar with solid Athletic Knit from the Fab Clique fabric shoppe.


Teal Keller:

Stats/Mods: Size D.

Enigma from The Styled Magnolia.

Black and White Rib Knit from Greenstyle Creations.


Victoria Williamson:

Stats/Mods: Size L bust, M hips.

Rainbow Knit from fabric stash.

Knit fabric from fabric stash.



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