Centerfield Raglan/Scarlet Swing Mash-Up!

Centerfield Raglan/Scarlet Swing Mash-Up!

Posted by Sarah Connell on

The Centerfield Raglan and the Scarlet Swing Dress are two of my favorite naturally I had to see what would happen if I mashed them together! 

As it turns out, they're a perfect match, and produce the most comfortable, stylish raglan swing dress you can imagine, with only about 30 minutes of effort!

Are you ready to give it a try? Grab your Scarlet Swing Dress and Centerfield Raglan Patterns, and some tracing paper, and let's get started! 

But WAIT! I have a special treat for you guys! I'll be sewing this pattern LIVE on 8/16/17 at 3PM EST, and to celebrate, we are offering 25% off one or both patterns with the code "centerfieldswing". Valid for 24 hours only- so snap them up if you don't already own these two awesome patterns! AND, if you join me for the LIVE sew, you'll be entered to win a FREE PATTERN! 

Are you ready for the mash-up? Here it is!

This is a pretty simple hack- you'll be aligning the Centerfield with the Scarlet at the bottom of the armscye, as show in the photo below. Trace the shoulder seams and neckline of the Centerfield, and the side seams and hem of the Scarlet (though you could always add a curved hem like the Centerfield has, if you want to!). 

The Scarlet has much more design ease than the Centerfield, so it's OK if your center front gets moved over a bit, depending on your size. Just trace the CF of the Centerfield, extending it to the hem of the Scarlet. If you want the dress to be more fitted at the bust, you can follow the side seams of the centerfield a bit before blending out toward the Scarlet. Just make sure your front and back match up!

Repeat for the back of the pattern. 

Cut out a pair of sleeves from your Centerfield pattern. Sew the sleeves to the front and back of the new pattern pieces, and then sew your side seams, following the directions in the Centerfield pattern. 

Try on your dress and evaluate the neckline. The changes you made to create the new pieces may have affected the height of your neckline- adjust if necessary. I widened and lowered mine a few extra inches to make it nursing friendly. 

Measure the seamline of your neck opening, and cut a band that is 1.5-2" wide and 80% of that measurement (give or take, depending on your fabric). Apply the neckband according to the tutorial in the Centerfield pattern. Hem your dress and sleeves, and that's it!

Wear it out for a night on the town, or a day with the kids- and don't forget to share it with in our Facebook Group!

Did you know you can also mash the Scarlet with the Lille Maxi Dress? Check out that blog post here.

You can see more photos of this mashup (and lots of other great Greenstyle hacks) on my blog, Sewing with Sarah.

Happy Sewing!


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