Brassie Joggers: Rise Comparison

Brassie Joggers: Rise Comparison

Posted by Melanie Burns on

Hello everyone! The Brassie joggers have recently received an update (you can read more about all of the updates in this post). One of the new updates is an additional high rise option to the pattern. Previously, only low and mid rise options were available. Ever since the update has been released, several people have asked about how the different rises compare.

I'm here to give you a side by side by side comparison of all 3 rises on the same body, so you can more accurately decide which rise is best for you. To make this comparison as accurate as possible, I made all 3 pairs out of athletic fabric with very similar weight and stretch in size XS. 


High Rise 

The high rise is intended to hit right at the belly button. I've measured the pattern piece for each rise and each size and my findings are as follows:

XXS: 7 5/8",  XS: 8",  S: 8 3/8",  M: 8 3/4",  L: 9 1/8",  XL: 9 1/2",  2XL: 10",  3XL: 10 1/2",  4XL: 11".


Mid Rise

The mid rise is intended to fit about 1 1/2" below the belly button. Here are the pattern piece measurements for the mid rise:

XXS: 6 5/8",  XS: 7",  S: 7 3/8",  M: 7 3/4",  L: 8 1/8",  XL: 8 1/2", 2XL: 9",  3XL: 9 1/2",  4XL: 10".


Low Rise

The low rise is intended to sit 2 1/2" below the belly button. Here are the pattern piece measurements for the low rise: 

XXS: 5 5/8",  XS: 6",  S: 6 3/8",  M: 6 3/4",  L: 7 1/8",  XL: 7 1/2", 2XL: 8",  3XL: 8 1/2",  4XL: 9".

Disclaimer: I measured each pattern piece with a Singer retractable soft measuring tape, so my measurements may be slightly off based on that and my pattern printing/taping. The measurements jump up 3/8" per size for XXS to XL, and from XL to 4X, jump up 1/2" per size. 

Susi Schuegraf was awesome enough to make all 3 rises in size L out of Cotton French Terry. She used contrasting reverse coverstitch stitching to make it as clear as possible for y'all. 

Low rise:

Mid rise:

High Rise:

I hope this visual helped you! I'm a very visual learner, so it helps me a lot to be able to see the differences clearly.

Now that you have this information, GO FORTH AND MAKE ALL THE BRASSIES! You can buy the pattern here. The pattern is on sale for $8 through Wednesday at midnight CST.

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