Below The Knee Boardwalk Skirt

Below The Knee Boardwalk Skirt

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Below The Knee Boardwalk Skirt - by Cynthia


Lengthening the Boardwalk Skirt to just below the knee is easy to do and allows you to create yet another look with this fun pattern. It’s more easily accomplished with the solid (no stripe) version but you can also use the same simple technique outlined here to lengthen and make the side stripe version of the Boardwalk Skirt. This technique will retain the bottom width for a straight/pencil skirt effect, which works well just below the knee. But if you want to make the skirt longer, then you should add some width or a bottom slit for ease of walking.

Step 1
Determine how long you want the skirt to go. Measure from your belly button (or where the top of the skirt/bottom of your waistband will sit) to just below your knee. Add 1” for Hem allowance and now you have your Desired Length.

Step 2
Measure the pattern piece from the horizontal line just below the yoga waistband to the bottom. This is the Pattern Length and shown below as the green line A. Desired Length minus Pattern Length = Additional Length Needed
For reference, I am 5’3” tall and made size E Skirt. My Additional Length Needed is 7 ½”.

The Black Dots on the Front Piece indicate the widest part of the skirt and should hit you at the widest part of your hip. Measure down from your belly button (or wherever the top of the skirt/ bottom of the waistband will hit) to the widest part of your hip. If that measurement is different from the red line B shown above you can add/remove length so that the skirt fits more perfectly.

Step 3
Cut your pattern pieces in half at the dots. Note: The Back piece doesn’t have a dot so line up the front/back at the side seams to transfer the dot to the back piece.


Step 4
Separate the two pieces by the Additional Length Needed (7½” is shown) and redraw the lines. Notice that the angle of the center back seam will adjust slightly and you’ll trim off a very small amount of the back center bottom. Not much but just enough to keep that angle smooth.


Step 5
Cut out your new pieces and you’re ready to cut your fabric!


Enjoy your new Boardwalk Skirt! And happy sewing!


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  • Is there an option for this skirt to be A-Line or Flared?

    Emily on

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