Athletic Leggings Comparison!

Athletic Leggings Comparison!

Posted by Sarah Connell on

Greenstyle has 3 amazing athletic leggings patterns, so how's a sewist to choose?

While I personally LOVE all three, we get a lot of questions about the differences between them, so I'm writing this post to help detail the unique features of each, and hopefully inspire you to add all three to your sewing list!

To start us off, here's the "cliff notes" version, in graphic form:


Now, let's take a closer look at the details!

Greenstyle Inspires

The Inspires were the first athletic tight in the Greenstyle line up- they are simple, functional and fast to make!

If you want to change things up a bit, you can add in the optional back of the knee inserts, or the angled front and back thigh inserts. I especially love adding in some mesh here, for a bit of ventilation during hot workouts!

The inspires come in four inseam lengths, with a trangle gusset, and mid rise waistband.

While they don't include a shorts option, this would be a pretty easy hack, and there's also a hack on the blog here for a "no side seam" version, if you have a print that you want to remain continuous, or are just going for a simpler look.

No side seam hack:


If you're after a pocket, check out the zipper pocket hack on Sarah's blog here, or use the included hidden waistband pocket (for small items). 

Greenstyle Strides

The Strides were the second Greenstyle athletic tight released, and are still a huge favorite!

The Strides are best known for that awesome (optional) cross cuff, and dual side pockets (an inner hidden waistband pocket is also an option).

The curved seam over the bum flatters every figure, and they also feature a mid or high rise waistband, a diamond shaped gusset, and FIVE length options, including a shorts option!

There was recently a full Sew-Along for these in the So Sew English Sew Along Group (must join group to view the sew-along videos), making those cross cuffs easy to whip up, and walking you through all the supplies to hem!

Also important to note, is the fact that the inspires and strides are drafted with the same fit, so you can also easily interchange the gussets and waistbands if you prefer. 

Finally, the Strides also come in a girls version, so you can make a pair match your mini if you'd like!

Greenstyle Super G's

The newest kid on the block, the Super G's are most notable for their HUGE inner gusset, making all moves possible .

They also include an option for extra large side pockets (big phone lovers rejoice!) and a view with no side seams for a sleek look.

No side seam view:

There is an option for a high or mid rise waistband, and four inseam lengths, to accomodate the tallest (or shortest) athletes. 

There was recently a full sewalong for these, with video tutorials and lots of fun hacks, here on Sarah's blog.

The Super G's have a slightly more compressive fit than the Strides or Inspires. You should still make your measured size, but they will provide a bit of extra compression that's welcome when doing long workouts.

The side pocket is also bigger than the Strides, so if you're after an extra large place to stash your gear, the Super G's are sure to be a favorite!

Lucy Leggings

You may have also noticed the Lucy Leggings in the shop. The Lucy's are the perfect everyday legging.

They do not include a gusset (since they aren't drafted for athletics) and are less compressive than the patterns above. They DO have a ton of fun options, including a ruffle hem, a yoga or elastic waist, and 5 choices in length from shorts, to extra long.

Definitely worth a look if you want something to go under a tunic or a tank, like the women's Laurel or Lacy Slope- and perfect for year round wear!

If you want to transform the Lucy's into more of an athletic fit, all you need to do is size down, and pick an appropriate fabric.

Whew! Thats quite the line-up- do you have a favorite? Drop us a comment below!

If you're ready to shop, here are the links for each pattern:

Super G Tights

Inspire Tights

Stride Tights

Lucy Leggings

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