Adding Grommets to the Hudson Pullover

Adding Grommets to the Hudson Pullover

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Greenstyle Creations re-released the new and improved Hudson Pullover last month.  The pattern does not include the option for grommets, but they are a quick and easy addition (and in my opinion are well worth the little extra time!) I love the look of grommets! 

I put off learning how to add grommets to my me-made garments for the longest time!  I even learned zipper installation before grommets.  Gasp!!  I know!  Grommets are so much easier than zippers!

This tutorial will work for any hoodie, not just the Hudson.  I have also put grommets in the Brassie Joggers and the Women's Centerfield Raglan with Add-on Pack.

You will need a Grommet Tool and Grommets.  I like to use the large eyelet size (1/4") on hoodies.  The 1/4" refers to the width of the inside hole, not the entire grommet width. I currently have the Dritz 1/4" Large Eyelets.  You can find a kit that includes grommets and the necessary tool by clicking here or by visiting Joanns or  any sewing/fabric/craft store near you.  

**NOTE: You will be installing 2 grommets.  You can either do them at the same time (and do each step twice), or you can completely install one and then do the second. 

Begin by sewing up your hood right sides together per instructions in the pattern.  You are then going to use chalk (or marker of your choice) to make a mark 2 inches up from the bottom of the hood and close to the front edge of the hood.  You want it close to the front edge of the hood, because later you are going to stitch a casing for the drawstring.  I like to stitch the casing 1 inch wide, which means your grommet needs to be right next to the edge in order to fit in that 1 inch.  


Next, you are going to iron on interfacing to make sure your fabric is stable enough for the grommet.  I like to use fusible tricot interfacing on my knits and use at least 2 layers.  If you don't add enough interfacing, there is a good chance that your grommet will get pulled/ripped out of your fabric from just everyday wear.  Trust me, I know this from experience!  

In the picture below, you can see that I have cut out 2 squares and placed them over the area where I am going to insert the grommet (2 inches from bottom of hood and close to the edge.)  Press them with the iron per instructions that come with your interfacing.



To insert the grommet, just follow the simple instructions that come on the back of your grommets or grommets/took kit.    I have added some pictures below, if you need some extra visuals:) 


The instructions say to cut a small circle in your fabric.  I usually just snip an "X" and push the eyelet top (deep half) into the hole from the right side of the fabric. 



Once your top eyelet is pushed through, you will flip your fabric so wrong side is up and you will lay your bottom eyelet (shallow half) onto the top eyelet.  

 Nice pink hammer, huh? 

The picture below does not show this, but place the anvil (the little round black piece) under your top eyelet.  Place the tool onto the bottom eyelet and hammer a few times gently. 



Voila! You have inserted a grommet!  Before stitching the casing, I like to give the front edge of the hood a good press.  This makes it easier to stitch your casing for your drawstring in a straight line, exactly 1 inch from the edge.  I use my coverstitch machine to do this, but a sewing machine works just as well for this step.  

Once you have made your casing by stitching all the way around the hood, attach your hood as instructed in the pattern.  You will add the drawstring when you are completely finished sewing your garment.  

I have a stash of shoestrings that I use for drawstrings. You can see the nest of them below!  My husband always replaces the shoestrings in his and our kids' shoes and I am left with all lengths and colors!  I'm not going to complain:) 



If you have not taken the grommet plunge yet, I really encourage you to do so!  I think it takes a great garment up just a notch and makes it look like ready to wear, but better (because you made it!) If you do give it a try, make sure you post your pics on the Greenstyle Creations Facebook page and if you have any questions, the facebook group is a great place to ask and get answers! 


BLOOPER below:  Don't try to install grommets with nothing to protect your cheap cutting table! You've been warned. 

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  • Thanks! This was very helpful. Mine came out great!

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  • You do not need to remove it. The interfacing is eventually folded inside

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  • Hi, how did you remove the interface from the backside of the fabric?

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