Add A Drawstring to Your Next Pair of Tights

Add A Drawstring to Your Next Pair of Tights

Posted by Meredith Simmons on

What are your 2017 resolutions? If you’re aiming to get more active, then you’re probably thinking about how many different pairs of Inspire and Stride tights you’ll make in the coming weeks and months. And, if you’re like me, you might also be trying to lose some weight in the next year. So, what do you do when your worried that your beloved Inspire and Stride Tights might get too lose? Add a drawstring!

Believe it or not, adding a drawstring to your tights takes just a couple of steps to constructing your waistband on both the Inspires and Strides. On both patterns, pause after Step 19, gather up your drawstring materials (a ruler, pins, and a fabric marker) and follow these instructions: (Note: these instructions will only work if you do not add an interior pocket.)

  1. Mark the center of your inner waistband piece, one inch from the bottom of the elastic, with a pin. Then mark one inch to the left and the right of the pin with a fabric marker. These markings will be where you’ll sew your buttonholes for your drawstring.
  2. Sew two buttonholes on top of the markings you made in Step 1. You can cut the buttonholes now, or wait until after Step 3.
  3. Sew a casing for your drawstring. To do this, pin around the circumference of the waistband 1.25 inches from the elastic. Then, sew a zig zag stitch through both layers of the waistband, following the line the pins.
  4. Insert your drawstring!

While adding a drawstring means you can’t insert a waistband pocket, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have pockets in your new tights! With the Stride Athletic Tights, you’ll be able to add pockets in your side panels, and with the Inspire Tights, you can add a square side pocket big enough to suit your needs.

  1. Cut a square piece of fabric. To determine the size of your square, measure the width of the items you want to carry and add a half-inch to both the width and the length, allowing you a quarter inch seam allowance.
  2. Fold, press, and pin the top of your pocket ¼-inch. Topstitch using a stretch stitch.
  3. Fold, press, and pin the sides of your pockets ¼-inch.
  4. Fold and press the bottom of your pocket ¼-inch. Pin and baste the bottom of the pocket to your tights in the fold.
  5. Pin the sides of the pocket to your leggings and check the fit to make sure the pocket is straight and where you want it to be. Once you're happy with sew the bottom of the pocket with a stretch stitch.
  6. Sew the side seams with a stretch stitch. Be sure to reinforce the seam by backstitching the length of the seam.

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