20K Member Celebration!

20K Member Celebration!

Posted by Sarah Connell on

WOW! We have hit 20K members in our Facebook Group this past week, a HUGE milestone for our group, and one that deserves a big celebration!

To help put this in perspective, here's a little jaunt down memory lane, as Angelyn Bennett (the designer extraordinare behind Greenstyle) describes how she got started!

"I started making sewing patterns for myself several years ago. My daughter was growing out of the kids pdf patterns that were available at that time. Back then, there were only a handful of PDF designers and many of them were kids designers and only went up to size 8 or 10 at the most.

I was also kinda obsessed with Matilda Jane at the time and their kids clothes were not going to fit her much longer either. One of my first patterns was the Bella Bubble T-Shirt. I remember one day selling 4 Bella Bubble T-Shirt patterns in one day and thinking "WOW! " How did that happen? I tracked it down to a FB post by Brownie Goose. Amy Norris had made the Bella Bubble T-Shirt and mentioned it paired with one of her skirts. I was so excited. I had no idea that there was even FB groups for sewing and pattern discussions. I know... silly me. now look where we are!"

From 4 patterns sold, to a vibrant group of 20K members and counting...it's been quite a ride, and we are so excited to have such a great group of people to connect with each day! 

All of that couldn't have happened without YOUR participation and engagement, as you all have worked hard to sew and share the Greenstyle love throughout the sewing community, both on line and in person (there's nothing like running into a stranger in a fabric store when you're BOTH wearing a green tee!)

To celebrate, we have a fantastic week-long celebration lined up for you, with over $1500 in prizes, dozens of yards of fabric to give away, and an awesome sale, so you can pick up all those patterns that have been on your wish list!

Ready to jump in? Here are the details:

The celebration will start this Thursday, September 6th, and run through Wednesday September 12th. Each day, we will post a challenge in our Facebook group (so turn ON those notifications!), and you will have the opportunity to complete the challenge and comment with your entry to be eligible to win the prizes for that day! 

If you haven't joined our Facebook Group yet, you'll want to do that HERE!

The pattern sale will run during this time as well- you can use the code "20KCelebration" for 30% off your purchase- this is a much bigger discount than usual, so stock up!

Finally, we are excited to share some fun freebies with you toward the end of the week, so keep your eyes open for those as well!

Are you ready? It all starts tomorrow- we'll see you there!







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