Green Tee Crisscross Modification

Green Tee Crisscross Modification

Posted by Angelyn Bennett on

Hey everyone, Trisha here & today I’m going to show you a simple, criss/cross modification you can use on the Green Tee to add a little extra detail to your basic t-shirt!

First, you’ll want to cut out your Green Tee pattern, using the ‘V’ neck option. We’re also going to cut out two strips that we will be using for the criss cross straps. Cut out 2 strips, 1 ½ in. X 10 in.
You should have all your pattern pieces cut out and ready to go now!

Next, follow all the pattern instructions for the shirt assembly. Stop before you attach the neckband.
For the 2 Strips, fold them right sides together and sew or serge with ¼ seam allowance.


Turn straps right side out and press with seam in the middle.

Now you should have an almost completed shirt, neckband and straps.

Next, take your neckband and mark 1 ½ inches out from the center on both sides.

Start pinning your neckband to the shirt as explained in the pattern instructions, starting with the center point. Lay your straps on top of your marks, making sure the center seam is facing up.

Finish pinning the neckband to the shirt all the way around. Sew or serge with the pattern seam allowance, making sure the straps are down and out of the way.


Turn top inside out and lay flat.

Cross your straps. You can adjust them however you’d like them to lay. I measured 2 inches from the edge of the bottom strap and pinned the top strap to the seam allowance only. Make sure they’re laying nice and flat.


Once you have both sides pinned to the seam allowance, use a regular sewing machine & straight stitch the straps in place - making sure only to sew the neckband seam allowance and straps. Repeat for the other side.


Trim excess strap off, clipping close to the seam stitching.

Turn right side out & enjoy!

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