New Pattern Release: The Spark Tights!

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Hello everyone! Its time for yet another Greenstyle pattern release! This week we bring you the Spark Tights! That's right, another amazing legging pattern added to the legging lineup. What makes this pattern different from our others, you ask? Well, let me tell you!


The Greenstyle Spark Tights sport a clean front that flatters our diverse bodies and eliminates pattern matching at the front seam for a better-than-RTW look! These tights also have a no seam back bridge that traces your contours and celebrates your lines. The generous-sized pockets just flow with your shape and the ample gusset provides extra comfort and a way to make these amazing leggings pop. We also included 4 waistband options, low, medium, and high rise PLUS a high rise Ultra Contoured waistband that sewist are absolutely in love with.  Also included in the pattern are a 9" bike short, Capri and Full Length options.

The Spark Tights cover sizes B-M and take anywhere from 1 to 2 yards of fabric, depending on size and option being made.


You will need any knit fabric like poly/spandex honeycomb, nylon spandex, Lycra, cotton Lycra, brushed poly, performance fabric, etc, as long as it has at least 75% four way stretch. 


Get the Spark Tights on sale for $8.75 until June 30, when it will return to full price of $12.  


As usual, our testers had so much fun testing this pattern, so without further ado, here they are!

Amanda Jones:

Stats/Mods: Size E


Athletic Knit from Blended Thread Fabric.

Athleisure fabric from Wattle and Slate. 

Brushed Performance from So Sew English.


 Ang Hal:

Stats/Mods: Size D with a high rise (not the ultra contoured) waistband, 1.25” taken off each of the lengthen/shorten lines.

Athletic Brushed Polyester.

Athletic Brushed Polyester.


Bianca Weber:

Stats/Mods: Size C

Cotton Lycra from

Cotton Lycra from


Brenda Schultz:

Stats/Mods: Size I graded to J hips, contour waistband, bike shorts length.

Supplex from fabric stash.

Supplex from fabric stash.


Christina Pikas:

Stats/Mods: Size J graded to K

Athletic Knit from Joann's.

 Mystery Athletic Knit from GStreet.


Crystal Lee:

Stats/Mods: Size E

Nylon Spandex from Sew Fit Fabrics.


Cynthia Hendrickson:

Stats/Mods: Size D, 2" of length removed.

Athletic Knit from Blended Thread Fabric.


Dana Miller:

Stats/Mods: Size J, no mods.

Athletic Brushed Polyester and Premium Athletic Nylon Spandex from Surge Fabric.


Elda Castillo:

Stats/Mods: Size H no mods.

Peached performance with stretch lace on pockets.


Emily Cummings:

Stats/Mods: Size I no mods

Athletic Knit from Joann's.


Eva Buchel:

Stats/Mods: Size F, shortened 1" at hem.

Butter Athletic from Halo Fabric Addicts.

Endurance XC from The Styled Magnolia Fabrics.


Katie Kimmell:

Stats/Mods: Size F, no mods.

Athletic Knit from Sew Dynamic Fabric.

Drifit from Miley Mae Fabric.


Keri Kiel:

Stats/Mods: Size D with 1" removed at each shorten line for height.

Athletic Fabric from Made of Love fabrics.


Kha Milya:

Stats/Mods: Size D

Athletic Fabric from fabric stash.

Athletic Fabric from fabric stash.


Krystal Ithomitis:

Stats/Mods: Size F

Athletic Brushed Polyester from fabric stash.


Kyema Greeley:

Stats/Mods: Size D

Excel ATY from Surge Fabric Shop.


Livia Jonker-Yamada:

Stats/Mods: Size F waist graded to J hip.


Athletic Knit from fabric stash.


Maddie Allen: 

Stats/Mods: Size J hip I waist, thighs, and calves.

Textured Illusion Fabric from Whiskey Tango Fabrics.

Butter Athletic from Halo Fabric Addicts.


Marran Poole:

Stats/Mods: Size K

Athletic fabric from fabric stash.


Mary Cheddie:
Stats/Mods: Size G

Supplex from Greenstyle Creations.

Align from Greenstyle Creations.


Mary Pickering:

Stats/Mods: Size G graded to H at top of waistband, removed 1" at first shorten line and 1.5" at second shorten line.

Align from Greenstyle Creations.

Butter Athletic from Halo Fabric Addicts.


May Lane:

Stats/Mods: Size K

Athletic Knit from fabric stash.


Melanie Burns:

Stats/Mods: Size C with 1.5" shortened for inseam length.

Power Flex from Greenstyle Creations.


Rae Miller:

Stats/Mods: Size H waist to I hips.

Cotton Lycra with Cerise inset/

Athletic Lycra with brushed ITY pockets.


Rejeana Ebata:

Athletic Brushed Polyester from Knitpop.

Yoga Flex from Greenstyle.


Sarah Long:

Stats/Mods: Size I

Fabric from Bow Button Fabric.


Sharon Aguilar:

Stats/Mods: Size C with 3" total removed for height. 

Power Flex from Greenstyle Creations.


Shelly Andrews:

Stats/Mods: Size J graded to K in thighs and calves.

Athletic Fabric from The Styled Magnolia.


Sierra Wohlers:

Stats/Mods: Size H 

Athletic Brushed Polyester from The Styled Magnolia.


Susi Schuegraf:

Stats/Mods: Size F 

Endurance XC from The Styled Magnolia.

Rib Knit Athletic from Joann's.


Tess Mihell:

Stats/Mods: Size C

Knit from fabric stash.

Knit from fabric stash.


Trissa Bouwhuis:

Stats/Mods: Size D no mods.

Athletic Brushed Polyester from The Styled Magnolia.









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  • I’m new to Greenstyle creations and I am absolutely loving the video tutorials that Sarah makes. It’s inspired me to go out of my comfort zone. I was wondering if there will be a video tutorial for the sparks pattern in the near future. Thank you

    Rachael on

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