GreenStyle Sundance Jacket Sew Along Day 5 - Collar, Facings, and prep Zipper

Posted by Angelyn Bennett on

Welcome to Day 5 of the Sundance Jacket Sew Along.  Today we will stitch the collar (or hood) and the hem facings.  We will also prepare the zipper and zipper facing.

First, stitch the collar or hood to the neckline of the jacket.

Then stitch the Hem Facings together at the side seams and use a serger or zigzag stitch to neaten the upper edge of the hem facing.  

Pin the hem facing to the bottom of the jacket.  If you are making the pleated back, I like to pin the pleated section out of the way so you don't catch it when you sew the facing.

Stitch along the bottom of the hem facing.  Be careful to make sure you stitch with a 3/8" hem allowance.   Fold it down and check the locations where the pleated panel connects if you are making the pleated version.

Now, set the jacket aside.

Stitch the zipper facing as shown in the pattern instructions.  

Turn it right sides out and top stitch as indicated.

Check the length of the facing and use wonder under or lots of pins to baste the zipper to the facing as shown in the instructions folding the top edge over the top of the zipper. 

This is all for Day 5.  Tomorrow we will install the zipper and finish the collar and hem facings.  And, the final day will we just have the sleeves and thumb cuffs to finish the jacket!

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