GreenStyle Sundance Jacket Sew Along Day 7 - Cuffs and Sleeves

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Today we finish up by stitching the cuffs and the sleeves.  These steps are pretty simple and are well detailed in the instructions.  The video for the alternative methods for the thumb cuffs is a great help. Check it out here. 

The thumb cuffs are optional, if you choose not to use them you will just hem the bottom of the sleeve.

When you complete the thumb cuffs set them aside and sew the sleeve seam for both sleeves.

If you forgot to mark the front of the sleeve and the back of the sleeve, the front dips down a little more so you can lay the sleeves out like this and see the top layer here is the front.

Stitch the sleeves into the jacket as instructed.  Clip all your threads and press the seams again and you are finished!  Wear this and enjoy all the compliments!  You deserve it!

Post your finished project for a chance to win 2 yards from Zenith and Quazar and a free patter of choice from Greenstyle!



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