Warrior X Brassie Jogger Mash-Up

Warrior X Brassie Jogger Mash-Up

Posted by Frances Gilbert on

Hey everyone! So normally, I’m the one that borrows all of your creative hacks & mash ups, but today, I am so excited to share one I actually did on my own! I am going to show you how I mashed up the Warrior Pants and the Brassie Joggers to create a fun, boho vibe and (more importantly) super comfy pants.


I originally tried this because I LOVED the Warrior Pant release styled by all of the testers, but just knew wide leg styles are NOT the most flattering piece for me. But if I could just bring them in, show a little ankle, and still get some breeze in this Houston heat... then just maybe I could make it work!


For this pair, I am using a rayon spandex, with supplex for the waist band, but I have made a pair entirely of supplex, and a pair from bamboo Lycra. Pretty much any knit fabric that meet the warrior requirements will work!


  1. I start by laying the front and back brassie pieces over the respective front and back warrior pieces. For this pair I chose ankle length, but have also done capri length. You will match the 2 up at the crotch point, and match the length lines.
  2. From there, I slowly grade the shape of the warrior pants to the cuff of the brassies, leaving about 1/2 inch on each side. On the inseam, I start grading from the top; the outer seam I start grading at the leg slit mark on the warrior pattern piece. You can fold/cut to this grading line.
  3. Cut all the rest of your Warrior pieces: yokes, pockets, and waistband. Cut the Brassie cuffs in for ankle/capri sizing for whichever length you are making.
  4. Sew up by Warrior pant instructions,  but no need for the final pant hem!
  5. Take the leg slits, and overlap the ends (I overlap by approximately 1.5 in) and either baste or pin securely. Now just add your Brassie cuffs on as usual!


And you’re done! Easy breezy fun Warrior X Brassie mash ups! Make sure you grab the Warrior pants (and the Muscle Tank to match!) while they are on sale this month to round out your Greenstyle collection.

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