Tie Back Tank to Twist Back Tank Hack

Tie Back Tank to Twist Back Tank Hack

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A BIG thanks to Trisha Watkins for this great blog post.
Who’s ready for another quick and easy pattern hack?!
We will be using the Tie Back Tank for this twisted tank modification, so if you don’t have it already, head over here and pick it up!
Print your pattern and cut out the Racer back option & Neckband/binding pieces. You can disregard the arm band/binding piece as we won’t be using that for this modification. *Don’t cut your fabric yet! We need to modify the arm openings on the pattern.
Measure 5 Inches down from the bottom of the arm hole (armpit area) and make a mark. If you would prefer your arm opening to be bigger or smaller than this, you can simply change how far down you measure. Make a mark on both your back tank and front tank pattern pieces.
Next, make a new arm opening by drawing a gradual curve from the mark you just made up to the curve from the original pattern - about midway up (see photo).
Do this for both the front and back pieces. They should look similar to this.
Cut along the line you just drew, creating the new arm opening.
Now you’re ready to cut out your fabric! Remember, you’ll only need to cut out the front tank piece, 2 back tank pieces (mirrored) & a neck band/binding.
Now, we’re going to follow the pattern instructions in step 1 of the pattern. I like to serge along the edges of the back pieces before turning them under, but you can just leave them raw if you prefer. Instead of turning under the back pieces all the way down, measure about 9 Inches from the bottom of each piece and make a mark. Turn under your back pieces & sew according to the pattern instructions, stopping when you get to your marks.
Follow the rest of the pattern instructions, stopping after you complete the neckband. Next, we’re going to add the twist detail.
Open your tank, separating the front and back pieces from each other and laying them flat, right sides facing up.
Grabbing the outside of the tank (arm hole/side seam), flip it towards the inside of the tank top. Wrong side of fabric will now be facing up. Do this 6 times.
Repeat this for both sides.
Making sure you don’t untwist the back pieces, place them right sides together with the front and sew the side seams.
Next, pin the back pieces together in the center from the bottom up to the mark you made earlier. Sew a straight stitch from the bottom to the mark.
Press the seam open and finish hemming your tank top as you normally would according to the pattern instructions.
Since the arm holes are left with a raw edge, make sure to hide any serger tails that might show.

All Done!

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