The Even Strappier Power Sports Bra Hack

The Even Strappier Power Sports Bra Hack

Posted by Melanie Burns on

Hello there, it's Melanie Burns, here with yet another strappy Power Sports Bra hack! As you already know, I absolutely ADORE the Power Sports Bra. It is the best base pattern to make all my hacking little dreams come true. I've been seeing these ads all over Facebook and Pinterest for this athletic company called Constantly Varied Gear and every time I saw their strappy sports bra, I wanted it more and more, but I hate buying sports bras because they hardly ever fit me correctly. In comes the Power Sports Bra to save the day! In this post I'll give you a step by step tutorial on how I made my own version.

Here's the inspiration picture:

And here's how mine turned out:

Fabric and Supplies:

I made two different bras during this whole hacking process: one out Olive Deluxe Supplex and one out of Berry Camo Dritex, both from the Greenstyle Fabric line. The fabric in the tutorial pictures is the Berry Camo Dritex. I also used 1/4" clear elastic from Amazon along the entire seam connecting the main and lining, 3/8" elastic from Walmart for the straps, 1/4" regular elastic from Walmart for the neck binding,  and 2" elastic from Walmart for the waistband. I also used bra cup inserts from Amazon.

The Process:

First, cut out your pattern pieces. I used the strappy back version of the Power sports bra, so you'll need to cut out the main and lining center front pieces, side cup pieces, strappy back pieces, and waistband piece from the Power Sports Bra pattern. Then, cut the strap pieces. I used the strappy option strap pattern piece to determine the width. I cut the 4 outer center decorative straps 1 1/2" wide by 7 1/2" long, the two center decorative straps 1 1/2" wide by 7 1/4" long, the two straight straps 1 1/2" wide by 13" long, and the long center binding 1 1/2" wide by 16" long. These are the pattern pieces you should have cut out at this point.

Now it's time to make the straps. I used 3/8" elastic and serged it along the folded strap pieces with my serger knife disengaged. If you don't have a serger you can also zig zag the elastic along the seam allowance. 

Turn the straps once the elastic is inserted. Now it's time to create the center strap binding that holds the 6 short straps. Use the 1 1/2" by 16" long piece and mark the center. Then lay the short straps side by side, 3 on each side of the center mark, right sides together (meaning, lay the straps with seams up and flat side down against the right side of the binding piece) like so. I used a small dab of Elmer's glue stick to hold the pieces in place so they didn't shift while serging. Basting or Wash Away Wonder Tape would accomplish the same thing. 

Serge the short straps to the long binding piece. Then, attach the 1/4" regular elastic along the other raw edge of the binding piece. This will give the neck strap stability and also help make the binding a little bit easier. 

Once the elastic is attached, fold both edges toward the center, then fold the strap in half, making a binding. 

Now, it's time to clip or pin the binding piece. Remember, there is no such thing as too many pins or clips. 

Sew the binding along the folded seam. I used my coverstitch machine with a single needle chainstitch, but a zig zag, twin needle, or any stretch stitch will do.

Once the binding piece is sewn closed, your strappy piece will look like this. 

Here's the other side of my chainstitch.

After creating the binding, assemble the main and lining sports bra pieces (center front, side cups, and back piece) as the pattern directs. 

Now, it's time to attach the 6 short straps to the main back piece. Mark the center of the back, and place the 2 middle straps 1/2" on either side of the center marking. Then, space the other straps 1" apart from the edge of each strap. All straps should be placed on the main back piece right sides together. 

Here is the center marking with straps evenly spaced on each side.

And here are the other straps spaced 1" away from each other.

Now, take the 13" long straight straps and place them right next to the outermost short strap.

The straps should be about 2" away from the side seam. Once those straps are pinned down, you may baste to hold in place, or use the Elmer's glue stick to make sure they don't shift while sewing.

Now, line up the main sports bra piece with the lining piece, with right sides together, sandwiching the straps between the main and lining. Remember, there's no such thing as too many pins or clips.

Serge the main and lining together with 1/4" clear elastic in the seam allowance for stability.  Once the main and lining are sewn together, turn right side out and insert the 13" straight strap and binding strap into the strap openings on the front piece of the sports bra. Pin and test out the strap lengths, shortening as needed. I ended up needing to cut the straight strap 1" shorter to keep it from slipping off my shoulder, and cut the binding 1/2" shorter. Once the strap lengths are correct, sew them into the strap openings and turn the bra right side out. Attach the band as directed, and you're done! You now have an insanely cool strappy sports bra.

Here are some styled photos of the two I made. 

Let me know how you all like this hack, and don't forget to show off your makes in the Greenstyle Creation facebook groups and tag us on Instagram using #greenstylecreations! 




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