Peekaboo Power Sports Bra Hack

Peekaboo Power Sports Bra Hack

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Hello! I’m Amanda Conklin (Amanda Lee on FB). I’m sharing my underbust peekaboo Power Sports Bra hack, plus no-binding keyhole! I make mine using the mid neckline front with the keyhole racerback. I finish the keyhole and peekaboo the same way – no binding. It’s helpful if you’re already familiar with the “burrito roll” method, but if not, hopefully my pictorial helps! I fit a B cup and feel confident cups A, B, and C would have similar results. Ladies with larger cup sizes – only you know if you’ll be comfortable with trying this hack. Consider putting power mesh or net in the peekaboo.

  • Prepare your pattern pieces. You will need the racerback pattern. Cut out the keyhole.
  • Create your own peekaboo cutout on your Center Front pattern piece. I used the cutout of the racerback keyhole to create my shape.
    •  *** keep the 3/8” seam allowances in mind!*** Otherwise, your peekaboo may become smaller or larger than you expected.
    • Fellow B cups, I made mine 1 ¾” across and up to the arrow, about ¾” high.

  • Cut out your fabric. The only thing different from the original is that peekaboo cut out. My fabric main is Python, my lining black techsheen, and my band is black Supplex.

  • Follow the tutorial until Step 17. Instead of binding, we'll burrito roll. Step 20 is the bra cups. I did not use cups. Try to put them in after finishing your peekaboo, before Step 21.
  • Burrito roll! I did the back keyhole first. Turn your bra right sides out. Separate the fabric main from the lining while the rest of the bra rolls up on itself toward the middle (1). Do what you can to make sure when you meet right side lining to right side main, nothing else gets caught in there and pin/clip it. I pull some fabric down into the racerback (2).
    • *** If you’ve trimmed away ¼” of the lining, then the raw edges of your lining and main fabrics will not match up. Match them up starting from the arch.***
    • Stitch using 3/8” seam allowance (3). If you’re not confident here, then just baste and check your work.


  • Keyhole done! Pull out the bunched up middle fabric from one side.

  • Next is the peekaboo. Repeat the same burrito steps as above.

  • Again, pull out the bunched up middle from one side.

  • Finish your straps however you want and then, baste your raw edges in Step 21.
  • During Step 22, you will also need to close the front center of the band. With your band folded right sides together, line the band keyhole mark up with the raw edge of your bra keyhole (1). Stretch equally to the center front of your peekaboo and mark where the peekaboo starts 3/8” from the raw edge (2). I transferred this mark to my pattern so I’d have it for next time and to mark on the other side of my band (3). Make the same mark on the other side of the band. Don’t serge - stretch stitch from dot to dot and trim edges in Step 23 (4).
    • You can check your work by laying it out. Your dots should fall just inside of your peekaboo. It will stretch to fit just right!

    • It should look like this for Step 24.

    • In Step 25, I put wash away wonder tape near the peekaboo and the keyhole. You want to be neat here for a nice finish.

    • You’ll stretch and pin/clip your band to the right side raw edge like in the tutorial, but you won’t be stitching where we already closed up the center front band. I recommend basting to make sure it all lines up nicely before permanently stitching. Keep your lining inside of the main for a clean finish.

    • Finish with Step 26 in the original pattern.

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