New Pattern Release: The Flare Leggings

New Pattern Release: The Flare Leggings

Posted by Melanie Burns on

 Hey all you awesome humans out there in Greenstyle land! It's time for another great pattern release: The Flare Leggings!


The big question I've seen y'all asking so far is "what's the difference between the flare leggings and the everyday yoga pants?" so I'm going to break that down for you. The Everyday Yoga pants are a slightly more relaxed fit yoga pant that has one waistband option: fold over. They're also an older pattern and don't follow our updated size chart, so the new Flare Legging pattern will be a replacement for the Everyday Yoga pattern, which will be retired. 

Now, the Flare Leggings are the new and improved Everyday Yoga pants, with a more fitted upper leg, 4 waistband options including cross over V, straight V, standard contoured and even a fold over yoga band, two lengths, and most importantly, POCKETS! Also, it comes in 3 different heights, petite, standard, and tall so you don't have to worry about the flare curve when adding or removing length.


Fabric Requirements:

  • B - F = 1 1/2 yards
  • H - J = 2 yards
  • K-M = 2 1/4 Yards
This pattern is designed for fabrics with 50% horizontal stretch and 50% vertical stretch knit fabric. 

    Our testers did an amazing job of showing how versatile this pattern is! From work to the gym to lounging on the couch, the Flare Leggings are perfect for wherever you want to take them! 


    Ang Hal:

    Stats/Mods: size C petite low rise with the B band.

    Rib Knit.


    Ashley Oliver:

    Stats/Mods: Size G, standard length.

    Double Brushed Polyester.

    Double Brushed Polyester.


    Brandi Lowery:

    Stats/Mods: Size G, petite length, high waist, C band.

    Luxe Double Brushed Poly from Ash and Elm Limited Textiles.


    Bri Fraser:

    Stats/Mods: Size F with A band, standard length.

    Knit fabric.


    Candice Doucet:

    Stats/Mods: Size E 

    Brushed Yoga from Greenstyle Creations.


    Cassandra Noone:

    Stats/Mods: Size D/E with B low rise waistband.

    Athletic Knit from Joanns.

    Athletic Knit from Joanns.


    Chandra Hamilton:

    Stats/Mods: Size L

    Double Brushed Nylon from Sew Fit Fabrics.


    Christina Pikas:

    Stats/Mods: Size J graded to K at thighs, upper back waistband graded to I. High rise waist B

    Athletic fabric from Joann's.


    Courtney Abbey:

    Stats/Mods: Size J, band B, petite length.

    Grey Athletic Knit from Discovery Fabrics.


    Cynthia Hendrickson:

    Stats/Mods: Size E, petite length, low rise B waistband.

    Poly Spandex Jaquard from Olga's Closet.


    Daisy Buitrago:

    Stats/Mods: Size C, petite length.

    Grey Honeycomb Knit with Grey athletic knit waistband.


    Dana Miller:

    Stats/Mods: Size J

    Rib Knit from Olga's Closet.

    Rib Knit from fabric stash.


    Danielle Allen: 

    Stats/Mods: Size F, standard length.

    Athletic Knit from Joann's.


    Djem Ferkenstad:

    Stats/Mods: Size F waist/hip, E thighs, waistband B, petite length.

    Jegging fabric from Purpleseamstress.

    Ponte from Seweird Fabric.


    Elda Castillo:

    Stats/Mods: Size H

    Knit fabric from fabric stash.


    Eva Buchel:

    Stats/Mods: Size F

    Army Grey Athletic Rib Knit from Greenstyle Creations.

    Brushed Athletic Knit.

    Luon fabric from Discovery Fabrics.


    Florence Taylor:

    Stats/Mods: Size L waist/M hip.

    Fabric from stash.

    Fabric from stash.

    Fabric from stash.


    Holly Ward:

    Stats/Mods: Size H/G

    Double Brushed Polyester from Joanns.

    Double Brushed Polyester from Joanns. 


    Jess Wilcox:

    Stats/Mods: Size M, standard height, waistband C

    Scuba from fabric stash.


    Jessica Cee:

    Stats/Mods: Size H

    Emerald Green Arete from Greenstyle Creations.

    AOS fabric from Bow Button Fabrics.


    Josie Aviles:

    Stats/Mods: J waist, k for the rest. Removed .5" from B waistband, added .5" to length of thigh.


     Med light weigh athletic from Whiskey Tango Fabrics.


    Kamali Obiagu:

    Stats/Mods: Size I graded to J hips.

    Jegging fabric from Purpleseamstress.

    Tie Dye Brushed Yoga from Greenstyle Creations.


    Katie Kimmel:

    Stats/Mods: Size F standard height, C high rise waistband

    Athletic Knit.


    Kayla Murphy:

    Stats/Mods: Straight size D, waistband option B, Standard height with 1" removed from hem.

    Emerge fabric from The Styled Magnolia.


    Kayla Smith:

    Stats/Mods: Size I

    Yoga Flex from Greenstyle Creations. 


    Lian Nesbitt:

    Stats/Mods: Petite length size G graded to H waist. Highrise C waistband with pockets.

    Athletic Knit from Blended Thread Fabrics.


    Livia Jonker-Yamada:

    Stats/Mods: Size F graded to J

    Knit fabric from stash.


    Mary Cheddie:

    Stats/Mods: Size G, tall height, low rise.

    Athletic Knit from the Fabric Fairy.

    Size H tall, low rise with med rise waistband:

    Supplex from stash.


    Nichole Langmeyer:

    Stats/Mods: Size I with H waistband

    French Terry from Blended Thread Fabrics.


    Nicole Librojo:

    Stats/Mods: Size G, petite height.

    Ponte from My Favorite Fabrics.

    Athletic Brushed Polyester from Bow Button Fabrics.


    Rae Miller: 

    Stats/Mods: Size H waist I hips, high rise C band.

    Matte Lycra from Molly's of Kensington.

    Matte Lycra from Molly's of Kensington.


    Rejeana Ebata:

    Stats/Mods: Size D, Petite height, B band

    Ponte from Miley Mae Fabrics.

    Athletic Brushed Polyester from The Styled Magnolia.


    Sarah Connell:

    Stats/Mods: Size C high waist.

    Zen from the Fabric Fairy.


    Shelly Andrews:

    Stats/Mods: Size J graded to K for thighs and calves. Size I waistband in style B (high rise)

     ABP Mulberry Space Ombre from the Styled Magnolia.

    Watercolor Arete from Greenstyle Creations.


    Stephanie Tharp:

    Stats/Mods: Size J, C waistband.

    Ponte from fabric stash.


    Summer McCarty:

    Stats/Mods: Size C graded to D waist, petite length, high rise waist.

    Athletic Knit from Hobby Lobby.

    Fabric from stash.


    Susi Schuegraf:

    Stats/Mods: Size F, tall height.

    Rib Knit from Mily Mae Fabric.

    Deluxe Supplex from Greenstyle Creations.

    Athletic Knit from FDIM.

    Rib Knit from Mily Mae Fabric.

    Athletic Knit from So Sew English.


    Synthia Gerritson:

    Stats/Mods: H-for waist, G-for Hip, G- for mid thigh, E-for calf.

    Athletic Fabric from stash.

    Knit fabric from stash.

    Knit fabric from stash.

    Knit fabric from stash.


    Teal Keller:

    Stats/Mods: Size E

    Double Brushed Nylon from Sew Fit Fabrics.


    Teresa Orpen:

    Stats/Mods: Size H, tall height, high waist.

    YSS from Zenith and Quasar.


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