Kindness: the Universal Language

Kindness: the Universal Language

Posted by Joey Wright on

It is my sincere pleasure to announce Greenstyle Creation's Fourth Annual Kindness Challenge! 

Have you ever had a complete stranger tell you that they like your outfit? What about getting ready to pay for your soda at a gas station only to find out the person in front of you took care of it? Think about the simple, often unexpected joy these moments bring you. We live in a world where sometimes we don't recognize or trust kindness because of its rarity. 

Guess what? Greenstyle has committed to making a difference this season, and we hope you'll come along for the ride!

Ask yourself, "How rich am I?" If you're like me, your first answer is probably, "not at all." This may be true in a material sense. I can't necessarily go around buying soda or coffee for every stranger I run into, but a "Hey! I just have to say you that you have a beautiful smile" doesn't cost me a dime and might just be the one small thing that a person needs to keep going.

When I ponder on my material possessions, I can't help but notice none of it means anything without deep relationships and a truly positive purpose.  

If you have these feelings too, here's a reminder-- the smallest act can make the biggest impact! 

Greenstyle has a large and growing support group that is great at what it does-- support! I can't tell you how heart-warming it is to read posts and comments daily of encouragement. Most of us have not met in person, and yet we (YOU!) make it a point to be the helping hand to each other and to consistently lift each other up. 

As in past years, the Kindness Challenge is meant to spread that same love and support, exponentially! Here's how it works: Each day this coming week (yes that is tomorrow!), a Greenstyle admin or moderator will post a prompt that encourages each of us to spread joy to our communities. We count on the huge hearts of our group members to use these prompts to show kindness to others. Kindness that has immeasurable impact!

You may have guessed that other small businesses within and outside of the sewing world are just as excited about the mission as we are. We have several sponsors who have graciously donated prizes for us to gift to some of our Kindness Challenge participants. 

 Sew Fit Fabrics has donated a $25 gift card to a lucky   participant. If you're a gym-goer and love funky themed   prints, you owe it to yourself to check them out!


How about a statement piece? Sew Rad Apparel has offered a beanie or headband as a prize! Karilyn sews all her pieces herself and uses vivid custom fabrics for her one of a kind creations. 

It's almost 2020, and we know your goals are big! Our next prize is a healthy lifestyle consultation to include 5 personalized workouts from Joey, a GS mod, as well as a certified personal trainer.

We can never have enough fabric, amiright?? Bow Button Fabrics donated a $25 gift card to fluff your stash!

Time for some pampering! Linda Carpenter is gifting a challenger an Active Hydration Serum from R+F. A sewist's hands are hard working! Keep them silky soft with this prize.

Next up we have some bling! Ariel of Ariel the Little Artist creates beautiful fluid art that is sure to compliment your holiday outfit. She has donated a necklace and an ornament that are sure to get some attention!


Another wellness prize is up for grabs from Veritas Fit. Focusing on total health, Veritas has gifted a Health & Wellness starter kit to get you in the right mindset! 

Finishing with another fabric present, Surge Fabrics has offered something unique and perfect for the Kindness Challenge! The recipient will get two $10 gift cards: one to keep and one to gift to another GSC group member!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the Greenstyle Creation's Team for joining us in this year's Kindness Challenge! We look forward to all your stories of warmth and love <3

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