Cambria Hacks

Cambria Hacks

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Cambria released last week, and many have fallen in love with the pleated sleeves, flattering fit and on-trend options. As we tested the Cambria, it was evident that there would be so many things you could do with the pattern. 

Our brilliant testers went to work and created amazing hacks and mash-ups. 

First of all, make sure you grab the Cambria pattern, and then check out our beautiful testers:

Dana Miller: Baby doll hack. Instructional blog post HERE.

Christina Pikas : Cambria/Laurel Mash. Instructional blog post HERE.

Get the free cowl add-on for the Laurel Pattern! 

Rejeana Ebata: Cambria/Valerie Mash

Get the Valerie Dress Pattern HERE

Alex Resch: Cambria/ Green Tee Mash

"I used the Green Tee front neckline to make a V neck Cambria!!! It was super easy using my projector, and I used the Cambria back piece with the high crew neck cut. The neck opening ended up being 1/4" longer than the Green Tee, so I just added 1/4" to the V neckband from the Green Tee pattern. Easy peasy and I have a new Cambria for my collection!"

Get the Green Tee Pattern for free with code in our Facebook Group

Susi Shuegraf: Cambria/Sunday Cardigan Mash

Get the Sunday Cardigan Pattern here

Dee Boyd: Cambria hood hack

We have a couple of free hoods on the Greenstlyle site. Attach the hood in place of the neck band! 

Elevate Hood

Bomber Hood

 Beth Doglady: Pocket Hack

"Who wants pockets? This is a super easy hack! Using your long sleeve cuff pattern piece as a guide, add 1.5 inches to the top, and trim the outer sides to match the curve of the bodice at the side seams. Interface the top edges of your pockets and hem. Finally, attach the prepared pockets to the front bodice and finish your Cambria according to the tutorial." For a detailed tutorial, check out Beth's blog! 

Joelle Nichole: Pleated Hood Hack

Hack instructions can be found in the Greenstyle Facebook Group!


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