Bali Top Collar Hack

Bali Top Collar Hack

Posted by Angelyn Bennett on

Hi, this is Irene and I’d like to show you how I added a collar to the new Bali top. It is a super easy addon and you only need two collar pieces and some iron on interfacing.

Download the pattern piece here!

First, cut 2 collar pieces and interface one of them. This will be the outer collar. Sew them together along three sides.

Next, trim the corners.

I like to understitch so the collar has a nice edge. Open the collar and stitch close to the seam with the seam allowance pushed to the under collar. It’s not necessary to stitch along the entire seam, only as far as you can.


Turn the collar the right way out and press.

The collar will be attached one to one to the finished Bali neckline. Start by marking the center of the collar and the center of the Bali neckline. Match the centers with the underside of the collar to the inside of the neckband at the finished neck seam.


Pin one to one all the way to the edges without stretching the collar.

Using the sewing machine, sew the collar to the neckline. As I had serged the neckband on previously, I attached the collar using a 1/4” seam allowance. Turn your shirt right way out, press your collar and you’re done!



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  • This is brilliant!

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