Greenstyle Lacy n Lane Hooded T-Shirt with Zipper Modification

Posted by Angelyn Bennett on

Hi there!  Angie with GreenStyle here... I recently made up the Lacy n Lane Hooded T-Shirt for my son with a fun modification to the optional (free download from our website) kangaroo pocket.  

You will need:

1) the kangaroo pocket pattern piece.  

2) a 5" to 7" zipper (I used a metal one)

3) scrap fabric for the pocket lining


You first measure your zipper from end to end and cut a square of pocket lining fabric the same width x the depth you want.  Mine was about 7.5" x 10" (5" on the fold)

Turn under the angled edges of the kangaroo pocket and stitch.  Then lay the zipper on the pocket and center it.  Mark the two ends as shown with pins.

Then iron a scrap of interfacing to the wrong side of the pocket and cut open the length from pin to pin.  Cut just short of the pins and then cut out at a 45" angle to the full length needed.

Fold and iron the raw edges back towards the wrong side of the pocket.

Place the zipper in the opening and pin into place on the right sideof the pocket as shown.

Using a zipper foot, stitch around the zipper, close to the zipper teeth.

Now, pin the pocket lining to the bottom of the zipper and stitch (I think it looks best to stitch on the right side. 

Fold the lining up and pin and stitch the pocket lining to the top of the zipper.

Now stitch up the side seams of the pocket lining.

Now proceed to stitch the kangaroo pocket to the front of the Lacy and Lane Hooded T-Shirt. I stitch the bottom seam first, fold the pocket up and top stitch the bottom, up the short side (leave the angled edges free), across the top and the remaining edge.

My son thinks this is pretty cool and he is at that age right now where it is hard to impress him....:)

I am thinking that this is a great pocket for an iphone or ipod since you can zipper it up and it is SECURE.  Even while running, jumping and playing around.  At least it won't fall out!

I also added a small pocket on the sleeve just for fun and to tie the hood into the rest of the shirt.  

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